Trudeau hate crimes and 10000+ letters demanding justice now

More than ten thousand letters demanding hate crime charges against Trudeau; and a timeline of knowledge and action that spells "mass-manslaughter".

Grassroots action & Trudeau hate crimes

The Honorable Jody Wilson-Raybould

Thanks to our readers and allies. In response to the January 8th 2022 call to action from Take Action Canada, Strong and Free Canada, and ourselves, more than ten thousand support letters for hate crime charges against Justin Trudeau were received within one day. There were likely many more, but Lawyer Cole’s email server was overwhelmed. We’ll keep you posted regarding the response of the current attorney general. Let’s hope his commitment to the law and people of Canada, is stronger than his commitment to the Trudeau regime. Unfortunately, the current attorney general David Lametti was appointed in 2019 by Trudeau, after Trudeau fired the honorable Jody Wilson-Raybould for exposing his criminal interference into the criminal prosecution of his friends at SNC Lavalin. Please pray for Mr Lametti to now be a vehicle of justice , not corruption.

David Lametti Attorney General

Trudeau has a long list of dark deeds: more than one can mention in a short post. For an example, please recall the Honorable Jody WIlson-Raybould; she was the Attorney General of Canada until 2019 when she blew the whistle on the Trudeau regime’s illegal interference into the prosecution of SNC Lavalin.

An exploration of Trudeau’s friends at SNC Lavalin leads to stories of bribary, corruption, radio-active waste mismanagement, and even the prostituting of Canadian girls; In 2008, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saadi was treated by SNC-Lavalin to a wild time in Montreal replete with prostitutes, $30,000 worth of porn, lavish gifts including yachts, and $160 million in bribes paid through devious cash transfers. These are Trudeau’s financiers and supporters, for whom he illegally interfered in their criminal prosecution.

That’s a disturbing background for a sitting prime minister. However, with his covid-crimes-against-humanity, Trudeau has lowered the bar even further; and demonstrated his capacity to be totally ruthless. In April 2021, he and his government knew that Pfizer’s data regarding their covid injection, revealed it to be deadly. The data revealed 3% of subjects dead and 28% with ongoing or permanent disabilities, within three months of being jabbed. Despite that, Trudeau has repeatedly told Canadians that the injections are “safe and effective”.

With full knowledge of the injections’ lethality, Trudea and his regime continue the forced injection campaign, approved the injecting of children; and promote hatred for un-injected Canadians.  

Here is a great site that puts this all together: