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Dr Trozzi | EMF, cell phones, 5G, Danger and Solutions

Dr Trozzi on cell phones, EMF, 5G, molecular oxygen, and the simultaneous launch of covid-19 and 5G during "lockdowns" - 5 Minutes.

On July 12th, while speaking in Apsley Ontario, I was asked to comment on cell phones, WiFi,  EMF radiation, 5G, and possible connections with covid-19. Here is my 5 minute answer. I concisely described the pre-5G proven dangers and recklessness of cell phones; the increased dangers 5G poses including the scary interaction of 60 GHz 5G with our most vital nutrient: molecular oxygen. I also discussed suspicions about the timing of the 5G roll-out during 2020 lock-downs; and easy solutions that you can apply immediately at no cost that dramatically reduce your exposure and risk.

Dr Trozzi on cell Phones, EMF, 5G, molecular oxygen, and the simultaneous launch of covid-19 and 5G during "lockdowns"

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  2. Someone please help me. Dr. Trozzi stated above “Problems + Solutions”
    I can’t locate easily the solutions provided. I think solutions should be prominently displaryed yet I can’t find them here. PLEASE GUIDE ME TO FINDING THE SOLUTIONS mentioned.

  3. A much overlooked health impact. In the early 1980’s we began to uncover the the extent of adverse effects of EMFs emitted by VDTs on women’s reproductive health. My research resulted in the the publication of a book entitled “Terminal Shock”. Needless to say, we were ridiculed and shut out for entertaining such unscientific views, despite the sound scientific we presented from around the world. I guess the more things seem to change the more they stay the same. Thank you for standing your ground.

  4. I have an email from a person at Rogers. It is the government that is pushing this and it is the government that you would have to sue. According to him the telecommunication companies do not have any liability insurance and should there be latency claims because of harm from cell towers you would have to sue the federal government.

    Personally I believe that the government has mire power than the telecommunication companies. However, people choose to believe there is nothing they can do.

  5. It is very simple. Get rid of the phone. All cell phones emit radiation and are surveillance devices as the SIM card tracks where you are going even if the phone is turned off. Very few jobs require that kind of instant anything as email on a cable computer will do the trick. The big corporations are more powerful than the govt as per Derek Sloan’s Chief of Staff, because we have made it that way.

  6. Hi Dr Mark. This is Dr Catherine Owens from Bridgenorth Ontario; Chiropractor, Proprietor of Sol Light Therapy and Co-chair of the Kawartha Chiropractic Society. I trust all is well with you. I’ve been following you for about a year now, (maybe more) and would love to invite you to speak to our Society. We have 24 members and we meet 6 times a year to fulfil CE requirements and remind each other why we chose to be facilitators of healing during these crazy times! If this is of interest to you, please reach out. My cell is 705-768-9971. My Sol Light Therapy website is under construction so I did not include it below.

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