Nanoelectric Theories

Nanoelectric Theories

Rice University 2016 Self Assembling Graphene in Electromagnetic Influence

The controversy of graphene oxide

We appreciated the variety of feedback we received to our October 11th report sharing Dr Botha’s microscopic analysis claims and images. Some readers were happy that we finally discussed graphene oxide, as they feel confident that this is part of the jab. However, some, including one of my most respected colleagues, wrote honestly that this is “pure fiction”. Quite correctly he pointed out that the subject may distract from biologic elements and impacts of the injections that we are absolutely certain of, which are more than enough evidence to stop these injections immediately. I absolutely agree with my esteemed colleague; with or without graphene, metallic particles or other reports of undisclosed ingredients within the nefarious injections; there are many reasons that we are absolutely sure of, to stop the shots immediately.

However, it is an interesting area of discussion at minimum. So, with a large grain of salt, here is something that is at least interesting.Consider the concept of injectable graphene oxide self-assembling into electrical components under the influence of electromagnetic influence. Is this nothing but a crazy unrealistic futuristic sci-fi fantasy? Perhaps, but consider this presentation from 2016 of technology that was quietly developed over several years preceding 2016.

Here Rice University presents graphene nanotubes self assembling under the influence of the electromagnetic influence of a tesla coil:

Notice the mention of biomedical engineering as an application of this teslaphoresis of graphene microtubules, more than five years ago.

Carbon nanotubules are cyclindrical molecules that consist of rolled-up sheets of single-layer carbon atoms called " graphene"

If present, there may be differences between graphene oxide suspected by many and reported by some to be present in covid injections, and the graphene in the Rice University 2016 video. Also, the electromagnetic field generated by a tesla coil differs from the already concerning spectrum of electromagnetic radiation which can be generated using 5 G communication/weapons technology; however, this Rice University research presented more than five years ago should alert us that such proposals of an interaction between injectable graphene and 5G directed beam EMF radiation, should not be reflexively discarded absolutely as a “far-out, futuristic, sci-fi fantasy “.

To quote Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”