5G Focused WCH General Assembly was Hacked

We must be on target to get this much flak

Yesterday the World Council for Health held a public forum involving various experts regarding cell phone radiation, 5G, and their effects on human and ecologic health.

We provided a good preamble to this event in Yesterday’s morning post.

The meeting was disrupted by a sophisticated but perverse computer hack. It occurred early in Dr Pri Bander’s power point presentation. The hackers’ perverse images and gruesome scenes including beastiality took over the screens, and the meeting had to be shut down, before making a brief and partial recovery.   

Despite all the things we have shared, considered, discussed, and exposed at the WCH, we were never hacked like this before.

Our critics may be comfortable with gruesome and perverse imagery, but they appear to be very uncomfortable with an open scientific and academic forum discussing EMF radiation, 5G, or  injectable nanotechnology. What do they have to hide? What are they afraid will be revealed?

Though this exceptional WCH meeting agenda, was cut extremely short, there was some discussion. A few interesting things stand out from that. The organization 5G Virus News from Turkey exposed that Bill Gates and Microsoft, are also central and controlling players in the global 5G roll out. Why are the same people that funded “gain of function” research, and rolled out the covid agenda, viruses, and injections, also deeply invested in the simultaneous roll out of 5G?  

Also before Dr Bandera was cut short, she related that current EMF levels on Earth are 10 to the power of 18 (that is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000) times higher than natural levels.

Let us not be deterred by big tech’s hack of the WCH 5G event. Rather, let it inspire us to inquire further and shine more light on these subjects: EMF, 5G, and undisclosed nanotechnology in  forced covid injections.

If you have not glanced at yesterday’s post please do. It is a good gateway into the subject of EMF radiation and 5G.

We will be increasing our security at the WCH against cyber-attacks, and rescheduling yesterday’s important lecturers including Dr Pri Bandera and Arthur Firstenberg.


Here Yuval Noah Harari, the Lead Advisor to Klaus Schwab describes how technology now exists such that a dystopian surveillance state is “now possible”.

La Quinta Columna (The Fifth Column) is a group that has researched and published extensively on nanotechnology in the forced injections and 5G. Here is a two minute video in which they present a simple experiment, utilizing a smart phone, to test for radio-signaling from nanotech devices within any of us who were deceived and coerced into the misrepresented and dangerous injections. If reliable, this may also be a simple tool to help discover which people who, though they were coerced into the injections, were fortunate to receive the placebo.

Lastly, here are some quick tips to start reducing your exposure to dangerous EMF radiation:

  1. never buy or use 5G devices
  2. avoid “smart” appliances, “smart” TV’s, and other so-called “smart” devices.
  3. set your smart phone to limit itself to 3G networks
  4. keep your cell phone in airplane mode as much as possible, especially when it is in your pocket. There is zero transmitting of radiation from a cell phone when it is in airplane mode.
  5. eliminate WiFi from your home by switching to a wired router system with Ethernet cables.
  6. If you are using a WiFi router, turn it off when it is not in use. Especially when sleeping. Even if  you are using internet five hours per day, that router can be unplugged or turned off the other 19 hours per day. 
  7. Avoid holding cell phones against your head to talk; rather set them on a surface and use speaker or headphone.
  8. Maintaining some distance between your flesh and the device. The dose of microwave cell phone radiation is reduced dramatically by a little distance. 
  9. Beware that cell phones transmit strongest radiation when looking for signal, at the start of a call, and when in an area of weak signal.
  10. Find opportunities to be in natural spaces away from cell phone radiation; and help reduce the penetration of cell phones, WiFi, and especially 5G into our world, including home, schools, and your work-place.
  11. help stop 5G.