5G is bad; but no amount of evidence can convince an idiot

Covid was launched in early 2020. Most of us were declared “non-essential” and locked in our homes. However 5G installers were deemed “essential”. In cities around the world, people peered through their new prison windows and watched crews installing 5G towers.

I do not think this was a coincidence: stringing up the 5G network while corralling people into strange misrepresented injections. We’ll have lots more to say about that soon.  

Even before 5G, EMF radiation was seriously damaging our health and the natural world. The cel phone industry has been biologically reckless to say the least; they warrant zero trust.

The following video is indeed hilarious; but the science described within it is very real. My favorite part is the strategy presented for our self-defence against 5G. I hope you have some belly laughs, and cans of gas.