Druthers | Dr Trozzi Talks | Part 1 | The Science”

A ten minute clear and concise explanation of essential elements of the science, deception, and bioweapon injections of covid.

Before you watch the video, may I briefly explain why I am a huge fan of Druthers?

The Corporation of Canada is currently under criminal management and persists in violating human rights and committing crimes against humanity. We Canadians are having massive debt loaded onto our backs and those of our children, to finance many immoral things. These include the Trudeau-regime-directed propaganda machine that would make Stalin, Hitler, or Mao drool with envy. Unsuspecting Canadians are constantly bombarded with fake news, and are corralled towards bioweapon injections, economic slavery, and the loss of human rights. The current regime not only fund and direct propaganda; they also exercise great ambition in censorship.

Druthers provide hundreds of thousands of free newspapers across Canada, that are packed with real information from honest journalists and experts. They circumvent the censors, giving Canadians a chance to see and read honest important information. Druthers is a grassroots organization doing great things. Please help promote and support Druthers. You can volunteer and join the Druthers team and help get the truth into more good people’s hands. Druthers seeks subscribers, volunteers to help distribute, content writers, and donors.

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with the central Druthers team. One result of that time, is a great 5-short-video series.   

Here is Druthers interview part 1: Dr Trozzi Talks The Science. This ten minute video clearly and concisely explains essential elements of the science, deception, and bioweapon injections of covid. Everyone can understand; and everyone can check the facts. Please share and repost this short video; I hope it will help us to save lives and restore our society.

Druthers Dr Trozzi talks, part 1 "The Science"

Part 2, 3, 4, and 5 of “Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks” are coming soon. Druthers website.

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Druthers “Dr Trozzi Talks” Part 1 “The Science”

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