“Beyond Not Safe” Dr Trozzi World Congress Presentation

The call for MDs and scientists to support the prosecution of the covid perpetrators

The evidence of the intentional crimes of the covid agenda are massive and detailed. Here is my 10 minute presentation for the World Congress of Doctors for Life in Brazil sponsored by the World Council for Health. I am encouraging all doctors and scientists to devote ourselves to the prosecution of the perpetrators of the covid crimes, and the restoration of human rights and the rule of law.

Here is my “Synergistic Bioweapon” presention from the the first World Congress in December 2021, to which I referred above: https://drtrozzi.org/2021/12/14/synergistic-bioweapons/

Thanks to Bright Light News, we will soon have lots more excellent material from other experts who also presented at this World Congress.  


Thanks for supporting my part in our mission. My team and I remain completely committed.