A Bird’s Eye View of the Ivermectin Controversy

Rare persons get very sick with a coronavirus. For those that do, there are very safe and effective treatments that dramatically reduce suffering and risk of death.

Sadly, in many countries, the availability and knowledge of these great early treatment protocols are rigorously suppressed by governments and medical institutions. This increases the number of patients that progress to needing hospitalization, as well as death.

Ivermectin is the safe and affordable best medicine for interrupting coronavirus replication. It is an essential part of effective covid treatments that reduce the risk of dying by 85% and more.

The criminals running the covid agenda need to bury ivermectin, because the existence of this safe effective treatment for their virus eliminates their quasi-legal justification for the emergency authorization of their experimental solution: the forced covid injections.

These fraudulently justified forced and coerced injections have made the greatest financial profits in history, while killing and damaging multitudes more people than all real vaccines ever have, for all diseases combined in the last thirty years.

All accomplices of the criminal covid enterprise, obstruct the use of ivermectin, despite the profound scientific evidence of its great safety and efficacy. They deceive the public and suppress the natural communication of doctors, medical scientists, and other experts to speak freely about ivermectin, or anything for that matter, which questions the dictates of the unholy triad of Tedros, Gates, and Swissmedic.

Sadly, in many countries including Canada, the federal governments are heavily infiltrated with WEF and WHO agents (such as Trudeau, Freeland and many others). WEF boss Klaus Schwab boasts that his agents hold more than half of the cabinet seats in many countries including Canada.

In countries that are less infiltrated by the WEF and WHO, doctors routinely prescribe safe early treatments that include Ivermectin with great success. Almost no one requires hospitalization or dies from covid-19, regardless of the variant.

In WEF/WHO dominated countries like Canada, the medical regulatory bodies actually ban the prescribing of Ivermectin. They work very hard to crush the careers of good doctors that prescribe it, or speak about the science of its important game changing role as part of the safe and effective treatment of coronavirus infections. We have suffered medical apartheid with you, and are grateful for your help. However, there is no need to pity us; we know which side of history we want to be on. We do not want to be on their side, even if their pockets are stuffed with fiat currency.

These medical licensing authorities include the one that effects me directly: the CPSO (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario). Like all the tentacles of the Criminal Covid Enterprise, they misinform the public and orchestrate the submission of doctors to the suppression of life saving treatment for covid including ivermectin. This has kept the door open for their team’s high profit deadly experimental covid injections. Canadian colleges of physicians and surgeons have lied, claiming that these injections are safe and effective, whilst persecuting doctors who say otherwise; including myself and Doctors Phillips, Christian, Hoffe, Malthouse, Culvindar, Hodkinson, Melbourn, Kaur, Amani, Turek, Nagase, Kilian, and more.

I am only one small example, but the CPSO has a team of 19 well payed legal experts committed to trying to destroy my career, because I wrote some doctors notes indicating my opinion that these persons should not be injected with the deadly experimental covid-19 injections. Other doctors have also been persecuted for this, for prescribing ivermectin, or for reporting a death or adverse event following their forced injection. And here the CPSO has committed another fraud on doctors and the public. The College claims its prohibition on medical exemptions for Covid-19 vaccines is the law, but it’s not. The College has merely provided recommendations, which are based on Ontario government recommendations, not laws or regulations. So the College is prosecuting doctors for writing exemptions when it doesn’t have the authority to do so.

Also, the College’s prohibition on prescribing ivermectin is based on a Health Canada advisory alert, which warns that ivermectin is not authorized for treatment of Covid-19. This is true, but is irrelevant to a doctor’s right to prescribe it. Ivermectin under the brand name Stromectol is still a listed medication on Health Canada’s drug database. Therefore, it can be lawfully prescribed by any physician in the country and for any purpose, because the side effect profile has already been established. Right now, it’s lawful for a doctor to prescribe ivermectin for Covid-19, but the College has falsely led people to believe otherwise. That is called fraud.

In many cases including the CPSO’s case in Ontario, we are learning that they have even further committed the act of exercising authority which they do not have. They do not have the lawful authority to force doctors to support the injections either. Yet, they have literally published authoritative demands that physicians must never say anything negative about their forced injections, or write a note stating that someone should not be injected with it, or dare to prescribe ivermectin.

Ivermectin reduces the suffering and mortality of covid by 85% or more. It is this author’s opinion that the perpetrators in this, including medical regulatory bodies like the CPSO, are here guilty of crimes accounting for 85% of all the death and suffering from covid.

Thanks for helping us spread the truth about ivermectin.