Know thy Enemy | Brutality & infiltration in Canada exposed

Ottawa Police Brutality. Smoke and Mirror Arrests, Schwab's Puppets. Dr Paul Alexander in danger.

"When the rich rob the poor, it's called business. When the poor fight back, it's called violence."

In today's report:

  1. Intense footage and reports from the current front line of humanity vs tyranny in Ottawa.
  2. For weeks, the Ottawa police and lawful Freedom Convoy protestors were getting along lovingly, as good people do, until certain dark power moves were played last week. We’ll explain.
  3. Chris Skye exposes illegal and fake arrests. More smoke and mirrors?
  4. A quick look at Schwab’s Canadian meat puppets and the WEF profound infiltration of the Canadian Federal Cabinet.
  5. The latest message from Dr Paul Alexander regarding threats to arrest him for telling Canadians and the world scientific truths.

The Scene in Ottawa where police violate their oath to the law; instead carrying out Trudeau's crimes against humanity.

Reporter on the Front Line

Bright Light News reporter Gord Parks, describes the literal physical line where multiple police forces carry out Crime-MInister Trudeau’s illegal assault on innocent people, and violations of human rights.

"I spent the day yesterday at the front-lines of the violent police seizure of the Freedom Convoy 2022 core on Wellington St. My heart is saddened by what Canada has become. Peaceful protesters, pleading with police to see through the misinformation, were shoved back, beaten, pepper sprayed and reportedly shot at with rubber bullets by heavily-armed police in riot gear with armoured vehicles stationed close by. Deepening the sadness is the gas-lighting and disinformation put out by Ottawa Police and their Chief Steve Bell saying that protesters are actually attacking the police and none have been injured. We have several reliable accounts of protesters being "arrested" and then dropped 20 min. away from the core and coerced into signing a document saying they will not return. As politicians around the world condemn Canada's new police-state behaviour, the message is clear: any dissent against the Trudeau govt will not be tolerated. Freedom of speech, assembly, movement and the press have all fallen to what is now essentially a militarized zone with pedestrians in the "secured zone" being questioned and ordered back to their hotel rooms or to leave outright. Will Canadians start to see through the misinformation and join what the truckers started?"

55 min police line against people

Here is 55 continuous minutes of the tense scene. Canadians are pleading with police to return to the rule of law. The people make sound arguments, even showing the police the highest law in Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which the police are violating for Trudeau.  Sadly, the police, with masked faces, clubs, and other weapons, ignore the people, and continue following the criminal orders. In intermittent pulses, the police push the Canadians further from their Parliament, which is now occupied by Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum operatives including Trudeau and Freeland.

New management has unlawful police now as accomplices in Trudeau's crimes against humanity in Ottawa

Resigned Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly
Interum Police Chief Bell

The Ottawa Police chief Peter Sloly suddenly resigned on Feb 16th as the government prepared to violate human rights and squash Trudeau’s critics. Outside police forces from Quebec as well as the RCMP and OPP were brought to Ottawa to “share and assume command and control of the crackdown on the Freedom Convoy rally”. A new interim chief of Ottawa Police Steve Bell took the helm. Bell appears to share Trudeau’s contempt for the laws of this nation. He announced how extensive police resources will go into hunting down, financially crippling, and criminally prosecuting all the peaceful Canadians, who lawfully protested and stood against Trudeau’s tyranny in defense of all Canadians. (90 seconds)

How can they arrest people for exercising our lawful rights peacefully? Is this smoke and mirrors?

The Worst People Plotting Against the Best People

While we continue praying for urgent proper action of police and military against the real criminals and traitors in Canada, we are concerned about the safety of many good people including one of our greatest heroes who has worked so hard, sacrificed so much, and already endured aggression from the wretched CCE (Criminal Covid Enterprise).

The Worst

The villains of whom we speak are the treasonous operatives of hostile foreign entities, who have been terrorizing the Canadian people from within our own governments. This list includes Trudeau, Freeland, Tam, and others.

If you aren’t already well versed regarding Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, here is a good introduction to one of the worst puppet masters of Trudeau, Freeland, Singh, Macron, and others:


Know Thy Enemy

“Know thy enemy” is an ancient saying that has stood the test of time for a reason. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum must be dragged out into the light, and restrained. Here Schwab brags of having more than half of the Canadian Federal Cabinet as part of his World Economic Forum Corporation. These creeps are working through plans that turn our world into a prison planet; and we must stop them.

Here is a bizarre moment when an MP asks about the World Economic Forum in government chambers in Canada (90 seconds)

The Best

The specific hero, for whom we pray, is Dr Paul Alexander: Canada’s most ethically pure, courageous, and world class covid scientists. This great Canadian will go down in history as a true hero. He shall remain a repository for our gratitude, and a great source of pride for Canadians into perpetuity.

Here is Dr Paul Alexanders most recent message: 

"Trying still to sort out arrest warrant situation this morning; the issue is that (informed from high up) speeches and mandate science I presented damaged govn; so aggressive move now to silence me. It is very frightening and devastating that a govn & its technocrats can move to silence scientists this way, beyond just smearing and slander via their lap dogs media but by arrest; this is Canada?"