Covid Crimes Analysis with Dr Naomi Wolf and Dr Mark Trozzi

Dr Naomi Wolf and Dr Mark Trozzi discuss front line stories, crimes of covid, genetic “vaccines”, contamination, DNA, detox, and survival - 30 minute interview.

Front line stories, crimes of covid, genetic “vaccines”, contamination, DNA, detoxing and survival

Dr Naomia Wolf and her team at the Daily Clout, performed the epic feat of dissecting mountains of Pfizer documents, which were written to confuse us and cover up the violence and fraud of the genetic jabs. It was a great pleasure to be her recent guest on The Daily Clout.

Doctors Naomi Wolf and Mark Trozzi discuss psychology that created covid compliance among doctors and nurses
2 ½ minute short clip

Covid Deep Dive With Drs Naomi Wolf and Mark Trozzi

In this interview Drs Wolf and I discussed:

  1. theories about the possible non-existenceof SARS CoV2 which I respect, though I personally  believe that the virus does exist
  2. the psychological and economic reasons that the vast majority of doctors were coerced into complying with the covid agenda, being injected with the genetic experiment, and injecting it into their patients
  3. my personal experiences on the covid front line in 2020
  4. why I have been absolutely committed to stopping  these injections from the beginning
  5. how the covid “vaccines” have gone from bad to worse in terms of the claimed ingredients, the chemical contamination , the DNA adulteration, and the SV40 promoter sequence
  6. some of the injections’ mechanisms of harm
  7. and ways to detoxify and survive. 

… All in just 30 minutes. I hope you enjoy and share this video.

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