The Million March for Children was a huge success

There were more than 50 rally and march locations across Canada alone.

Large loving crowds and interesting scenes captured in Toronto.

The Million March For Children event on September 20, 2023 was a huge success. There were more than 50 rally and march locations across Canada alone. Canadians of all colors, stripes, and religions came together committed to protecting our children’s innocence, and stopping child sexualization, grooming and gender-confusion in our schools.

Here’s some photos of the diverse crowd, cute kids, and odd spectacles at the Toronto Queens Park site which I attended.   

Dr Trozzi speaks at The Million March for Children in Toronto

Dr Trozzi | The WHO's Twisted Global Sex Ed for Kids

Here is a very short clip from my September 20th, 2023 presentation at the Grand Eglinton Theater event hosted by Bright Light News that featured Dr Byram Bridle, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Jill Malone and myself. This occurred on the evening of the Million March For Children events. With the march fresh on my mind, I revealed some of the WHO’s own written sexual agenda for children. This should have us all on high-alert to defend our children, and destroy the WHO. If you approve, please share and post this under two minute video far and wide.

Nathaniel Pawlowski & Rain Trozzi | Million March 4 Children

The historical Million March for Children took place all across Canada on September 20th, 2023. Canadians of all walks of life gathered in a unified stance for parental rights, and in opposition to the ongoing perversion of their children in our schools. This event was universally bombarded by counter protests organized by the teachers unions themselves. Nathaniel Pawlowski (present at the Ottawa demonstration) and Rain Trozzi (present at Toronto on the same day) share their actionable experiences found on the ground of these astronomical human gatherings.

Rebel News Coverage of the Toronto Event

A chance to hear abundantly from the other side of the debate.

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