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In Canadian schools. Globally under UN and WHO direction. Alert, Solutions, and WCH Event invitation

The same global predatorial institutions that create weaponized viruses and misrepresented genetic injections; are also after our kids; not just to inject them, but also to sexualize them and normalize pedophilia. This is not a cheery subject, but it is important. Our children are our future, and the global predators are out to abuse and destroy them. Here are several short videos demonstrating the Canadian and global programs to sexualize our children in schools and through high-jacked governmental institutions. There is also an invitation to a live WCH event at 2 PM EST on September 4th, 2023.


Canadian Nadine Ness was groomed and sexually abused by a pedophile as a child. At ten years old she reported this to the police. The perpetrator was arrested and prosecuted. She decided then to make it her lifes work to protect other children from similar abuse. As an adult she became an RCMP officer and took special training in identifying child sex offenders. In this video she shares insights into some  current threats  of sexual grooming and sexual abuse in Canadian schools. She advises us about steps to take back our education system, protect our children, and end sexualization and grooming of our children.

The World:

Dr Tess Lawrie interviewed Max Lowen of Unbroken Global

Max Lowen is a survivor of satanic ritual abuse, torture and trafficking who went on to do healing work and train in trauma and recovery to help other survivors and those trapped in the cycle of violence. 

Find the full interview and more from Dr Tess Lawrie here.

Monday September 4th, 2023 at 2 PM EST join us for this special World Council For Health online event

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  1. When a child is sexualized at a young age it blocks their heart and normal self development in all areas. It is trauma. It is part of the experiments done by MK Ultra thru their Project Monarch, that sexual abuse at a young age creates more compliance, that is the whole agenda, compliance.

  2. Great work Nadine! I knew some of this yet not nearly enough!

    Parents are business people too but we rarely talk about these things yet they affect our work, businesses and work places.

    I’d like to do something to open the conversation. Are there any business platforms doing something? Please advise.

  3. Thank you Nadine Ness for standing up to these people and evil organizations that they are associated with.
    You have my upmost respect for doing what you are doing.

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