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We March Tomorrow | Info and alert

Please join us: people of all good faiths, races, philosophies and traditions. Here's important information, inspiration, and important safety alerts.

Tomorrow September 20th at locations big and small, across Canada, as people of different faiths, origins, backgrounds and lifestyles come together to say “No!” to the globalist agenda of sexualizing, grooming, and gender-reassignment-canvassing our children in our schools. Here is important information, inspiration, and a safety alert: this includes a leaked video of radicals plotting to sabotage our peaceful events. They make severely false accusations, project their violent tendencies, and tread on the edge of planning illegal disruptive activity, in my opinion. There’s also beautiful inspirational material here, from loving people, who respect wisdom and tradition. I hope we see you tomorrow! The gathering begins at 9 a.m. local time wherever you are. There will be speeches wrapping up by 11 a.m. when the marches will begin. See the map here. There are details for each location and resources including printable materials you can deliver to doctors, schools and churches to bring awareness even if you can not attend.

Since the launch of covid, many of us came together to protect each other and our children from malfeasance, abuse and poison. The Global predators are still at large, and they still have sociopaths pushing their evil agendas in our governments, schools and other institutions. They have many lines of attack against us and our children. This includes sexualization, grooming, and gender indoctrination in our schools.

We Are Not Exagerating. Let this be a wake up call! Join the march.

Thank You Bright Light News and Scott Spidle.

Countdown to Million Person March with Kamel El-Cheikh

We will no longer succumb to the globalists' divide and conquer techniques used against us. They are humanity´s enemy; and they are few. We are many; and we are uniting against them.

BREAKING! Leaked Union Zoom Call With Plans To Disrupt Million March For Children.

We must be aware of hateful groups who claim to be “anti-hate” while they misrepresent this movement and plot to disrupt the events across the country. Here is a leaked plotting session:

Beware, these people can very aggressive and violent; and police can be negligent.

Musical Inspiration

Hands Off Our Children

We will fight for our children

More links and related material:

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  1. Sorry, I am not moderate in my condemnation of those who are trying to destroy our children……..every decent person would be sickened by their evil.yh

  2. Good on all of you ! If I were in Canada even at 90 years, I would have joined the march! These are our children, our future, that the lowlife are trying to destroy! in my thoughts and prayers I am with my fellow Canadians!

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