Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr. Chris Milburn, Dr. Laura Braden, Dr. Aris Lavranos, and Dr. Mark Trozzi on the sexualization of children and medical procedures on minors.

Please share this important conversation, especially with parents. Our kids are under attack. Their lives and futures are in grave danger, just by going to school. What’s happening? Who’s doing it? How do we stop it? Four courageous Canadian experts join host Scott Spidle to share insights from science, medicine, law, philosophy, and spirituality.  

Please join us, marching across Canada and around the world next Wednesday September 2oth.

Find the location nearest to you, or all the resources you need to easily start a march location in your town or city, big or small. 

Yes the march is on! I’ll be marching in Toronto during the day, and attending this event also in Toronto in the evening. Please join us.

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  1. Hello, Dr Trozzi, I’m fighting a bit of a battle. I’m a registered nurse in Nova Scotia. (So corrupt province )I have been off for medical reasons, I had an aortic valve replacement 2022 but decided to go off in November 2021 when the deadline was up for vaccine mandates. And also they refused a religious exemption. I’m SOOO glad I did not take this thing they call a vaccine .As I was so, so ,so sick when they rolled out the H1N1 vaccine and medically shamed me for not wanting to take it back in 2009 I think. The hospital where I worked at refused 2 exemptions based on the human right act; religious and my right to refuse based on the medical data that’s out there. I was seen for final check up at the cardiac resident clinic but these young cardiac doctors don’t want to Say anything. But they must know, right? The cardiac nurses tell me how an unusual amount of Myocarditis is coming through the doors of the clinic ( believe her exact words were “TONS” and when I enquired as to an age group she told me anywhere from 18-90 yrs old. They don’t want to give me a permanent cardiologist. so The doctors that I see change every 2 years you know how that goes. What I’m wondering is do you know how I might get a recommendation from someone that can support the beliefs not to take this? The nurses union are useless, I think they took a payoff too to go along with this charade. They never defended the voice of the nurses very well. Love to hear a response from you and I would like to give my number but will hold back if you dont read or get this post. ps Also I have no Family doctor big waiting list here, she left in May for greener pastures. Even if she was here she supported the jabs.

  2. What happened to the video with Drs Milburn, Braden, Lavranos and Trozzi? It was posted on this page earlier but is no longer here?

  3. Could someone please let me know where the March is in Toronto and I’ll forward to friends? As always things seem to be getting scrubbed, preventing information from getting through. Thanks Sincerely

  4. If you live near pls attend + minimum 1 other, Tues. Sept 19 EDT 7:00 pm, to fill Aurora Town Council main council chambers at Aurora Town Hall, 100 John West Way, Aurora ON L4G 6J1 b/c people have not been informed and have not voted on policies + measures a.k.a. the ‘Strategic Plan’ that includes 15 minute ‘restricted’ cities laid down by foreign entities and NGO’s i.e. the United Nations, the World Health Organization and others that restrict everyone. TY!

  5. Thank you Dr. Trozzi, I am a retired Canadian nurse (age 65) who has followed this agenda since the beginning. I know what it is like to consume our every day and night, in order to get the truth out there. I respect you very much.
    Kathy in Victoria Harbour, Ontario

  6. I don’t know anything about a march on the 20th, but I could give lots of good reasons to do so.
    The link you sent had a pretty picture, but I could’t get a video
    Janet Desroches

      1. Hi AJ. Thank you for the link to the 1,000,000 March for children. I don’t know if this is the link people are asking for. This one is still easy to find. I believe that most of these people, including myself, are looking for the link to the actual video with Drs Milburn, Braden, Lavranos and Trozzi? I watched the video once I want to forward it to friends. I no longer see it. Do you know how we can find the link to this video.

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