Dr. Mark Trozzi

Druthers & Dr Trozzi | Part 5 | Taking action

We have to fight smart, united, and organized

Here’s the final installment from the Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks series. I hope this five minutes will inspire, provide direction, and help us connect and coordinate so that each of us can apply our skills to the massive group effort to establish justice and restore our health, the rule of law, and our human rights. We can turn this around, and establish a better world; but its not a given.

Dr. Trozzi Talks part 5: The Call to Action.

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  1. As a Canadian Citizen, nurse and home owner, I implore you to view this email and the attachments! I am sending the following information to all government representatives, daycares, churches..to increase awareness and promote some solutions!

    3 easy steps to Quantum Leap Earth into a Heavenly Paradigm!

    1. Day of Grace for all those who show proof of being coerced into harming others and a willingness to help those injured and to do good going forward. Forgiveness by God and mankind for doing so. As well, making those accountable for intentionally doing harm to others !

    2. Protection, promotion, and support for free, clean, limitless, local ENERGY inventions like the one on thriveon.com it is the size of a small garage and supplies 369 people OR computer size for one home! Demand it be implemented immediately once shared. For free, clean WATER an invention the size of a transport truck that supplies hundreds of thousands of gallons per minute is available. To replace gas in cars… inventions have already been patented using magnets, ammonium and so many more!
    Cyndi Dale discusses an invention that uses a drop of oil to replace gallons.

    3. Sacred Geometry & prayer in unison to facilitate earth entering a Einstein-Rosen bridge so we can bypass all the corruption and head directly to a thriving earth! Go to https://www.gaia.com/ with R. Gilbert on Sacred geometry, William Henry & Gregg Braden, Cyndi Dale, and Jake Ducey.,and The Shift Network, https://www.freetothrive.com/

    Reasons for steps:
    People will only come forward if they are not implicated. We need to make it desirable and safe for individuals to expose the truth NOW! Unity of purpose, will, and spirit with an avalanche of proof especially regarding the last 3 yrs. is essential. The few have polluted our air, water, food, information, bodies, medicine, schools, land…with their noxious ideas long enough! I have experienced that bullies only stop when stopped! We need everyone to come forward with TRUTH & PROOF so the few are held accountable!

    I propose that all patents for clean, free, energy, and water… be sent simultaneously world wide. No longer hidden or controlled by the few, this will place power back into the hands of the public. Going forward all businesses and individuals who back these inventions will be supported world wide.

    Using Sacred Geometry will cause streams of Grace to quantum leap humanity into a united awakening and healing ! I do believe that no matter where people stand medically, politically, financially, spiritually they will all get behind this once implemented.
    Thank you for reading and please pass this on!
    Love & Light D.M.T.

    80 Canadian Dr. and 1140 athletes Died Suddenly after covid vaccine was deployed . They’re giving it to children?!!
    Go to vaccinechoicecanada.com, [email protected]. for the TRUTH!

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