Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks | Part 2 | The Psychology

Why did so many doctors go along with it?

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  1. All true as Dr. Trozzi articulates the “carrot and stick” dynamic, but he left out the larger and more veiled subject of human character structure. One cannot fully comprehend how “normal” doctors (and others) so quickly joined the fascist-like enemy ranks. There is a repressed part in most of us that cannot escape and seeks revenge and destruction on others’ freedoms. This is called the “Emotional Plague” by Wilhelm Reich.

  2. Totally agree Dr. Trozzi…all my sisters 3 of them were nurses as was my
    Mother! My dad was a surgeon obs/gyn also did plastic surgery….I’m 80 now…mom and dad have long passed…..I just could not believe the
    Threats for prescribing HCQ, ivermectin,or advising against the Jab, the bullshiite RT PCR test…my Dad would have been on your side…this is the biggest crime ever committed against humanity and the guilty need
    to pay!

  3. I wonder if this kind of calling each other out is going to separate (us and them) even further. Trauma (disembodied collective) is a stealth weapon. “WE can be heroes.” David Bowie

    ps. Dr. Trozzi, you are a hero. Full stop.

  4. Thank you for your clarity, courage, and hard work, Dr. Trozzi. The truth is coming out. Unfortunately, not many doctors are willing to admit they were wrong. Allopathic medicine has lost a lot of credibility. I think this was an opportunity for the hubris and corruption of that once great profession to become apparent.

  5. Dr. Trozzi. Your clear and level messages, during Covid, kept me sane throughout the past 2 years. While everyone around me took the jabs, I resisted because of you and your fellow docs. It’s like coming out of hibernation, now. You were right. So I was too. Thank you. From my heart and soul.

  6. The doctor profession is filled with credibility, money, adoration, unquestioned hero worship, free social status….exactly the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for every pathological narcissist, ever.

    The un-virtuous behaviour of the healthcare system should have been totally expected when you understand narcissism and their innate compulsions. Instead, we were shocked when most of the doctors behaved with almost complete selfishness.

    That’s what we get when we fail to study pathological narcissism.

  7. sorry sounds good but 2 seconds of talk and 30 of buffering doesn’t make for an experience one is inclined to stay with

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