Two Urgent Action Alerts Regarding Sovereignty and Poisoning

Here are two super brief alerts, and tools ready for you to take action in just minutes.

Here are two super brief alerts, and tools ready for you to take action in just minutes.

Blessings. Here are two important items each requiring a few minutes of your time. This concerns two current and dangerous attack lines against Canadians that are happening right now.  

The same programs are running globally, just like the plandemic; so please partners around the world, be on the vigil, find and fight against these same assaults happening against your health, freedom and survival also.

1. The federal government is trying to cede your medical sovereignty to the WHO.

This is an Important Message from the Canadian Covid Care Alliance

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In the current state of legalistic madness with literal lawlessness, this would mean that the  Gates, Tedros, Schwab team can order you and your kids to be injected with anything they like, whenever they “declare” that (what use to be your) country has an “emergency of international concern”. Plus, in their scheme,  tax payors will again go further into debt to pay for it.    I think you will also note in the item number 2, that they are simultaneously creating a new super fast track to approve more poisons to your food and body.

2. "Agile licensing" changes to food and drug act in Canada (and other WEF invaded nations):

Globalist back room scam going on now to quickly pass creepy “agile licensing” changes to food and drug act . Canadians need to act before April 26

Defend YOUR Health

Say NO to “Agile Licensing” Amendments to Our Food & Drug Act


Watch this VIDEO at 5:43:00 for Industry Expert Analysis
  • Canada historically held to the highest regulatory standards by ensuring all medical products were PROVEN SAFE and effective PRIOR to market authorization. This required Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • In 2018, the federal government adopted Big Business recommendations that compromise, and even bypass, established safety requirements in Canada’s drug regulatory system, enabling Big Pharma to push under-tested, potentially high-risk products that have NOT BEEN PROVEN SAFE on unsuspecting Canadians.
  • This industry-devised backdoor — the 2019 “Advanced Therapeutic Products (ATP) Pathway” — permits the use of lower standards like after-market Observational Data: which can never prove harm as correlation does not infer causation; or Risk Management Plans: which means intentionally risking harm to individuals in order to assess safety. If RCTs are not completed this would even prevent injured Canadians from getting compensation as it would be difficult to prove harm.
  • Positioned as “advancing innovation” and “promoting life saving therapies” or “agile licensing” this subjective, arbitrary, and more centralized process places an inappropriate level of control in the hands of a single person: the Health Minister.
  • Further changes to our Food and Drugs Act are now being proposed that would formalize and expand the types of products granted backdoor access potentially resulting in more novel, under tested, high-risk drugs and medical devices being given to healthy Canadians. These changes would also apply to the regulation of veterinary products, bypassing the in-depth studies needed to assess food safety.
  • It is ALARMING that this backdoor policy would be promoted knowing full well that this could harm Canadians. Inviting Big Pharma to rewrite the very regulations that were supposed to protect Canadians from Big Pharma abuse, is like asking criminals to design your alarm system.


  • Say NO to any and all food and drug regulatory amendments that would permit the authorization of any product or device that have not first been PROVEN safe and effective through rigorously conducted randomized controlled trials.
  • Insist on an immediate re-examination of the ATP and all proposed regulatory changes to the Food and Drugs Act by qualified, independent health professionals and public representatives who are free from conflicts of interest, such as benefiting from direct or indirect Big Pharma funding.
  • Demand that Canadian safety be re-prioritized by setting prudent, transparent, objective safety criteria for all products and devices that cannot be manipulated for political or economic gain.
  • Send a clear message that the “speed of science” should never outpace public safety.

1. Take 5 minutes to express the concerns above to Health Canada

  • Submit a ‘General Comment’ about “Agile Licensing” at the top of this Canada Gazette webpage by April 26, 2023 – AND –
  • Send that same comment to:
    Bruno Rodrigue, Executive Director, Office of Legislative and Regulatory Modernization, Health
    Products and Food Branch, Department of Health, 3000A, 11 Holland Avenue, Suite P2108, Ottawa,
    Ontario K1A 0K9 (email: [email protected])

2. Contact your MP to express your concern about “Agile Licensing”!

Demand an immediate reexamination of all Agile Licensing regulations and proposed amendments and demand an investigation into the individuals involved in creating this industry-favoring backdoor that places Canadians at risk of product harm by rushing novel products to the market without first proving their safety and efficacy.

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Expose the agents of the WEF, GatesWHO, Big Pharma, Pfizer, Moderna, et al,  in your governments, medical regulators and other infiltrated industries. These organizations and people, including their puppets embedded in governments and institutions, are foreign entities that undermine our constitutions. They have caused much harm, and threaten to cause much more. They won’t quit on their own. We really do have to stop them.