Massive Military Global Depopulation

2020 predictions by US Military Intelligence, DOD's covid planning role, Pfizer's secret documents exposed, and accelerating excess mortality.


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2020 predictions by US Military Intelligence; DOD's covid planning role; Pfizer's secret documents being exposed; dramatic and accelerating excess mortality, and our early warnings all fit.

Before you watch this, remember: don’t panic. Denial is not the cure, and what happens next depends on us.

The Deagle Corporation is a minor branch of US Military intelligence. In 2020 they predicted massive population reduction in many countries around the world. Please recall that the bioweapon injection that has been misrepresented as a “safe effective vaccine”, was managed officially in the possession of the US Department of Defence. The DOD was also deeply involved in the planning of the plandemic at Event 201 in the fall of 2019.

The ongoing release of documents which Pfizer tried to hide, is showing that the devastating Deagle “predictions” are consistent with what Pfizer knew about the weapon they were unleashing in partnership with the US Military. Don’t blame the American people; they are victims too. Their military, government, and other institutions have been hijacked by enemies of the people. The same is true in Canada and around the world. Next steps: justice and accelerating the implementation of spike protein detoxification.  

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