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Retraction of: “Massive Military Global Depopulation”

I have to “eat a little humble pie” and retract the story that we published on June 24th. It was titled “Massive Military Global Depopulation“. As interesting as it was, the information source was not credible, and we should discard of it. Here is my three minute explanation.

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  1. The article you are retracting is the first time I’ve ever seen anything from you Dr T…..your honesty & integrity to admitting you made a mistake is worth everything – you win my loyal following because you are trustworthy. Happy to meet you ❣️

  2. I don’t really understand what is wrong about the original post? All you have said is that the website has a different spelling to some guy who has the same name… What does this prove or dis-prove?

  3. Thank you Dr. Trozzi for your unwavering honesty and integrity.

    There is so much information coming our way, it is understandable that we may sometimes conclude that something is true when it isn’t. None of us have a crystal ball and none of us are perfect.

    I so appreciate your work on behalf of Canadians and all of humanity. Your contribution is invaluable and we are forever grateful to you and your team.

    Be well.

  4. Begs the question. Why then was the website altered after people started paying attention to it several years ago?

  5. Think about it – excess death rates currently, if they continue alongside crashing birth rates then it doesn’t take long to decimate the world population. And look at where the highest % of jabbed are – medics, police, armed forces, the structure of society that care for people in time of need. I reckon 75% dead in the next couple of years is likely accurate. Keep going Dr T, you’re doing a fantastic job and your skills are much needed. God bless you and yours. 🙏

  6. Thank you Dr. Trozzi,
    You have once again proven your integrity. It is always good for people to correct mistakes and when information comes so fast , it is difficult to keep up with as much as comes your way.

  7. Although the information posted was misleading, we cannot deny the fact the vaccines, and the trans movement are about depopulation.

    Thank you for the work you’re are doing and the tremendous sacrifices you have made.

  8. Good for you to find the truth and correct it, wish the deep state and their weasel puppets would have balls and guts like yours, not likely as long as their allowed to run free and tell lies

  9. Can’t tell you how very refreshing it is to hear anyone, these days, admit to slipping up. Thank you for being so honest. You are the best, Dr Trozzi.

  10. Thank you – I saw this in early 2020 and was rather disturbed at the time – and wondered about its authenticity (especially being in Wayback Machine).

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