Pentagon controlled Covid-19 From the Beginning

Former Pharma Executive Sasha Latypova reveals that the misrepresented injections are "military counter-measure prototypes" owned by the Pentagon

From the beginning, the US government has quietly documented covid-19 as “an act of war”, not “a health event”. Speaking with Clayton Morris of Redacted News, Sasha Latypova just revealed shocking deceptions and deadly legalistic games used to deceive and poison the American people, generate massive profits and power-grabs, while attempting to avoid liability. Let’s be informed and not let them get away with it.

My 2 minute brief (followed by the Latypova Interview Video):

Since the beginning of covid, contrary to their public facade, both the Trump and Biden administrations have documented covid-19 as an “act of war”, not a “health event”. This legalistic word-game, and maneuvering by the Department of Defence, the Pentagon and their accomplices, has kept people in the dark. Pre-planning includes establishing The Pandemic Enterprise in 2013. The Pandemic Enterprise brings together many players with oaths of secrecy, including the NIH and Anthony Fauci.

Secretly, they document the injections as military counter-measure prototypes , not “vaccines”. “Counter-measures” are not “pharmaceutical products” so these delusional evil-doers think that the laws for drugs and vaccines do not apply. May I suggest that we reject that premise?

The supposed clinical trials of the injections were not real. Latypova explained that “The US Government and Department Of Defence specifically ordered a fake theatrical performance from the pharmaceutical manufacturers” . The injected participants were sacrificial “human props”.

People at the top of this scam knew what was going on, but everyone below them right down to the people injected in the fake clinical trials, were completely deceived.

The legalistic games used to support these unlawful and immoral scams include that the department of defence technically maintains ownership of the injections right up until they are jabbed into the victims. This trick serves to maintain these injections as a secret “military counter-measure prototype”, so as to avoid any reasonable laws for drug products from applying to them. It is shameless deception. Latypova urges us to sue them all regardless.

Fraud cancels any proposed indemnity; there is no indemnity for crimes.

Here is Sasha Latypova’s substack article which details the findings that she described in the interview and includes the US Department of Defence documents that she refers to. It is titled: The role of the US DoD (and their co-investors) in “covid countermeasures” enterprise.

Latypova also talks about maneuvers to sign over all our national sovereignty to the W.H.O. This is extremely important; it is the greatest current global threat facing us all. In the next days, we will share very important info regarding this, including important steps that we all need to take, to save ourselves, our descendants, and our countries.

Sasha Layupova with Clayton Morris on Redacted News:

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