The RCMP and Trudeau’s Crimes

Police on Guard call on the RCMP to do their duty and enforce the law.

From the SNC Lavalin scandal and Jody Wilson-Raybould, to Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergency Measure Act during the 2022 Freedom Rally and assault of peaceful protesters, to racketeering on the covid injections, to Trudeau’s hate speech and persecution of wise people who suffered through medical apartheid and did not submit to the forced misrepresented poisonous injections; we have watched Canadian institutions make a mockery of our rights, intelligence, and constitution.

The RCMP is Canada’s federal police force, and it is there duty to police the federal government,  and uphold the law even when the criminals are WEF agents occupying our parliament buildings.

Here is a three minute message from Police on Guard directed to the RCMP, urging them to do their duty and help restore our country. I urge anyone in the RCMP, to realize that you were also deceived, coerced, and criminally injected with a toxic experiment. Stand up and help us take back our country.

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  1. One of the problems with the RCMP is that the commissioner of the RCMP is chosen by the Prime Minister; that may be okay in a democratic country but with PM’s like Trudeau, who are dictatorial, RCMP commissioners are likely to be intimidated, and thus be faithful to the person who handed them their job. It would at least appear that Brenda Lucki was one of those who couldn’t separate right from wrong.

  2. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
    but against principalities, against powers,
    against the rulers of the darkness of this world,
    against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    Ephesians 6:12

  3. any one with links to the WEF should be in jail awaiting
    sentence on charges of treason and genocide
    one billion dead already from toxic vaxxines

  4. I can’t stand to even listen to Trudeau’s voice – I am doing my best to keep silent with old friends who are now telling me they have cancers coming back, husband’s with ‘widow makers’, another one losing sight; another with dizziness, etc. They are still thinking the CV vaccines were good and I was a conspiracy theorist – we just can’t touch this subject. Nothing seems to sink in with all the hatred and vitriol coming from our governments. What really slays me is that many of my friends worked with me in the RCMP and have somehow lost the ability to understand there are always 2 sides to a story – that’s what investigating is about. Yet, here they sit listening to only one side and supporting it. Strange or what???

    1. It’s absolutely stunning. I’m surrounded by people like that. Their loved ones are either dying or suffering from debilitating afflictions, and yet when I try to point out the very obvious, common thread throughout all of this, they actually scoff at me and call me a conspiracy theorist. They just can’t see the forest for the trees. I’m literally at my wit’s end.

  5. Dr. Trozzi, the RCMP is totally under command and service of the GOC. The Commissioner will not undertake a move against the Government or PM without the blessing of the AG and the Min of Public Safety. We were assured publicly last year that the RCMP was investigating, but nothing ever surfaced, and the GOC carried on merrily. There is no way to moving either the Federal Police Force or any part of the GOC to action, short of a court judgement that no court is ready to entertain, or a revolt that will not stay peaceful for long, as the Trucker Convoy has established. When the revolting public has been identified (already easy with facial recognition and universal surveillance means), they will be sidelined by financial measures (even easier with incoming CBDC), and failing those, by lethal force. It will be up to us ‘to put up or shut up’.

    on 9 January 2022 I sent an email to Attorney General Lametti to “officially inform the Attorney General of Canada that Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, has committed actions that I believe to be prohibited by Criminal Code sections 319 (1) and (2); 423 (1)(b); 346 (1); 265 (1) in view of 265 (3) (c) and (d); the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act sec 4, as well as the letter and spirit of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Bill of Rights.” I included two videos on the public record in evidence, and pointed out that I wrote to him directly since “No proceeding for an offence under subsection (2) shall be instituted without the consent of the Attorney General.” (Criminal Code sec. 319 (6).) Of course there was no reply, and no action despite the public evidence continuing to pile up.

  6. Police on Gaurd – excellent message.
    It confounds me all the people who could take action just go along to get along. I can only guess the RCMP leaders are somehow controled like so many others to not investigate and arrest the pm and others.
    Thing is, these people all have family, children, friends etc. How do they reconcile not acting now with the horrible lives or deaths they and their loved ones will soon face.
    It’s very hard to believe there isn’t a sizable group in the RCMP, Police and military who understand the country is fast being transformed into a totalitarian communist state and are all too afraid to gather the very obvious evidence of various crimes committed and as a group insist with their leaders that our govt needs to be removed and be held accountable for various extremely serious crimes.
    Maybe sending letters anonymously to a good segment of them, maybe all, that lays out what they are ignoring, appeal to their innate functions of protecting their families and the public. Give them specific data communications from the criminals that will clearly lead them to the horrific conclusion of all the formerly unthinkable actions and policies in place and coming. Surely there has to be enough people in positions who can action against the crimes committed.

  7. They also need to charge Freeland with crimes against her own Canadian people that she is supposed to serve and not use for her involvement with the W.E.F and the likes of Klaus S. and their future agenda for the plebes
    of the world. I`d like to hear her response on being penetrated by them. She seems to have liked it while treating her own people like terrorists. I guess they could claim they were told to behave the way they do by their bosses. Thus what did they get or are supposed to get for being traitors? Maybe the RCMP works for them as well and not the Canadian people. So good luck with your request.

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