Dr Trozzi with Maryann Gebauer and the Professor

"Vaccine" injuries, deaths, and solutions; blood transfusions; shedding; transfection; genetic modification of humans; the assault on human reproduction; future plandemic risks; and survival strategies.

Maryann Gebauer does a great job of interviewing experts and getting important information presented in a clear and organized fashion.

This is a full length interview, but plays well at 1.5 x speed.


This interview has no holds barred, and covers a lot of ground at high speed.  We discussed vaccine deaths, injuries, and treatments; blood transfusion risks and solutions; spike protein shedding, mRNA transfection, and genetic modification of humans; plummeting sperm counts, infertility, and poisonous ejaculate among injection victims; and future plandemic risks and predictions as well as how we help stop them. We also discussed the future of health science, achieving health while resolving dis-ease; and we pondered survival strategies and supplies including medications, food stores and reference books.

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Maryann’s October 2022 interview with Alberta oncologist Dr. William Makis. This explosive conversation reveals sudden deaths of Canadian doctors, the corrupt Alberta Health Services and Alberta College of Physicians, Mafia-like lawyers in Alberta driving medical tyranny, and PM Trudeau’s closure of the internationally renowned Alberta cancer clinic to make way for a new private for-profit clinic in BC.

Maryann’s recent interview with WHO expert and vigilance keeper James Roguski


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  1. Don’t forget Dr Bryam Bridle at U of Guelph was the first to warn Canadians in April/May 2021 of the distribution of spike protein throughout the body incl. Ovaries, testes, brain, heart etc. Warning ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️
    Opposite of govts assuring injectio n stays in arm muscle. Dr Bridle has suffered since then but he doesn’t stop war ING us.

  2. I am so glad to hear that you are awake in terms of our political leaders. We have no options even though people think there are choices. This has been controlled for years and both Poilievre and Scheer are part of WEF. I have proof but it’s now been removed from the WEF website to lead us down the wrong path. Sadly, even Danielle Smith who everyone is looking to help, is part of the UN Financial web.

  3. Thank you for all your videos, Dr. Trozzi. I watch every one and am grateful that I’m on your list to get the videos. Keep up the good work. I’m rather too old to do much about the world situation but I do try to spread the word and pray. Love to you and all the people who come on your interviews.

  4. God bless you Dr Trozzi. I so appreciate all that you are doing in the fight for humanity. It is also refreshing to hear doctors finally talking prevention of disease and keeping the body healthy.

  5. What good will donating blood to yourself be, if even the foods are loaded with mRNA and shedding is real? It sounds to me like whether jabbed or not, we’re done for…

  6. The very first doctors who spoke out right in the beginning where Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Bhakdi from Germany. At the time of the roll out I was screaming for Canadian doctors to speak up about it. A while later I found
    Dr. Trozzi and then others. I am grateful to all these fantastic doctors who put humanity before their style of living. Thank you !

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