Radical Healing and Optimal Health

Ten practices that can dramatically help us all.


The pharmacology industry has spent nearly a century putting blinders on doctors and patients alike, so that we see health and healing through a very narrow spectrum, which is patented pharmaceuticals which are almost entirely poisons according to accurate scientific definitions. For instance we treat ulcers with proton pump inhibitors; depression with serotonin re-uptake inhibitors; high blood pressure with calcium channel blockers, beta-blockers, and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors; and heart disease with platelet inhibitors or anticoagulants. More than 90% of prescription medicines are by definition poisons. I’m not saying that there is no role for using these tinctures of poison to treat disease; but we should take off the blinders that the pharmacologic industry has crafted, and benefit from the very broad spectrum of actions and substances that can enhance our health, and take us out of disease and into “ease” or “health”.

As a light introduction to this liberating forum, lets consider ten things that are fairly consistent practices among people who have succeeded in recovering from severe illness. These practices are consistent among rare and special people who have recovered from stage 4 cancers and other diseases that are normally considered to be “terminal” or “incurable”. We don’t have to wait for stage 4 cancer, to practice these keys to great health now.

Here are ten of the top healing practices:


Empowering Yourself – Don’t accept a passive role in your health. Your doctors and other health practitioners are support, but you are at the helm. Be creative and ambitious. Some people who receive a terminal diagnosis see it as an opportunity to reach deep inside, plus study, learn and evolve.


Radically Changing Your Diet – Most modern diseases have their roots in terrible nutrition, that is far too common. The food industry is not your friend and should not be trusted. Take an active role in your nutrition. Study nutrition and put your knowledge into practice. Food is medicine, and certain diet choices can empower the human body to heal in awe-inspiring ways.


Release Suppressed Emotions – There’s a connection between our health and suppressed emotions. Finding healthy ways. times, places, and supportive people to help us release deep-rooted pain can be very liberating and have incredible healing power.


Positive consciousness– Countless spiritual teachers have long emphasized that positive belief systems can have significant beneficial effects on our health. Practicing thankfulness in prayer and meditation brings our attention to all the good things in our life and generates positive emotions. Quantum physics is very real and it is foundational to everything that exists including ourselves. Quantum physics is as real as anatomy and biochemistry. It shows us that things are not as solid and rigid as they appear; and that our thoughts have profound influence over the very substance of matter, including our bodies and everything around us. Positive thinking bears positive experiences and good health.


Exercise and Move. Modern life is very sedentary. Machines do most of the heavy work. We are wise to spend more time being physically active. The opposite of a couch potato is someone who goes hours without eating and chooses to be physically active in work, play and exercise.  Modern day stress is abstract; it makes us tense, putting us in a fight or flight state, but with no natural outlet for that energy. It leaves us pent up and tense. In ancient times the source of stress would be something like a hungry bear chasing us. We would run hard and fast until we were clear of danger. Then we would collapse, catch our breath, and feel very relieved and relaxed. That was healthy stress triggering exercise. In modern times, we must choose to be physically active. Even short periods of intense exercise will stimulate the body to grow strong. It also relieves the unhealthy state of pent up stress which is a state than hinders healing. There are lots of ways to exercise. Find ones that work for you and get started today.


Live with purpose. Recognize the people, passions, and purposes that inspire you. Be creative and do things everyday to make the world a better place. Each of us have special talents and visions; putting them into practice makes life meaningful.


Deepen our spiritual connection. For centuries we have recognized the triad of mind, body and spirit. In modern times there are many influences that completely neglect the spiritual aspect of existence. We are wise to nurture and draw from the spiritual aspect of life. Prayer, meditation, time in nature, thankfulness, admiring beauty, transmitting love, being totally present here and now, calming our thoughts and freeing our minds from excess desire and fear; are all traditional practices that enhance our very real and important spiritual health.


Make intelligent use of nutraceuticals and medicinal herbs. Contrary to the pharmacology industry’s focus on poisoning our natural biochemistry with synthetic and patented chemicals; we can use nutrients and things from nature to enhance our biochemical processes, helping to create real health. Making intelligent use of herbs and supplements is a valuable contributor to our wellness journey.


Intuition matters. Each of us have intuitive powers. Listening to “our gut”, “our heart”, “our feelings” and “hunches” is one important part of making wise judgments and choices. Tuning into our intuition helps us know what our body needs to advance in health.


Foster and enjoy healthy social support. We are social creatures. It is wise to avoid negative relationships and social habits, but fostering loving friendships and supporting one another is foundational to the health of our mind, body and spirit. We depend on each other for survival;  learning how to give and how to receive the support of others is key to our health. People who make grand recoveries from severe disease have been open to and benefited from the support of friends and experts.

Heal Documentary, by Kelly Noonan-Gores

Here is a 2017 documentary written and directed by Kelly Noonan-Gores, titled “Heal.” In this film , the director sought out people who achieved exceptional recovery from severe diseases; as well as the experts, healers and teachers that helped them on their journey to wellness. The film is liberating, informative and empowering. Enjoy!