NB Updates On WHO Strategies to Enslave Us

The Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Zero Draft, and International Health Regulations Amendments

The Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Zero Draft, and International Health Regulations Amendments

The WHO continues to be the globalists’ conduit of control over mankind. They drain our resources, serve our enemies, and continue working to establish a global dictatorship over everyone and everything. The WHO has many ambitions; but improving our health and supporting our rights are not among them. Here are important concise updates and resources.

The WHO is working on two parallel paths to the same destination, which is establishing a global dictatorship. The two paths are The Pandemic Preparedness Treaty and the International Health Regulations amendments. These are imminent threats to ourselves, our descendants, and future generations.

1. Pandemic Preparedness Treaty

The WHO is ignoring 35 000 messages from citizens around the world who do not want this so-called “treaty”. They continue plotting a global authoritarian dictatorship in the form of their Pandemic Preparedness Treaty, and have just released their “Zero Draft” of the document.

While the corporate media and governments remain silent about what’s happening, WCH Law and Activism Committee member James Roguski maintains a vigil, and has issued this April 3rd, 2023 update and challenge for all of us to read the document which is also below.

One can’t judge a book by its cover. This so-called “Pandemic Preparedness Treaty” document is not about your health. This document is about the transfer of money from the people of the world to the pharmaceutical hospital emergency industrial complex… and creating a global dictatorship that reduces us to slaves with no rights.

WHO Pandemic Treaty Zero Draft issued Feb 1st, 2023

2. International Health Regulations Amendments

The other parallel track of the WHO to create a global dictatorship and enslave mankind under the false pretenses of “health” is by quietly making amendments to the International Health Regulations.

194 unelected meat puppets from all of our countries, pretending to represent us, continue preparing to erase our rights. Here James Roguski exposes their back room deals, secret meetings, and dark agenda. We, that is every sane human being alive, must stop them, before we, along with our descendants and future generations, experience horrors far beyond even the covid-crimes-against-humanity.

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