How Rich Eugenicists Weaponized Medicine

History recap reveals the 100 year path to the covid-crimes-against-humanity

Early in the twentieth century, the Rockefellers and the Carnegies were deeply involved in eugenics.

The Carnegies and the Rockefellers worked with Abraham Flexnor to invade human health care. They created a medical monopoly that has persisted since then. Their deception and this monopoly resulted in profound deterioration of what was once a robust and diverse free-market human health care sector. What ensued was more than a century of deception, poison based “health care”,  chronic disease, and a high-profit, recurrently-criminal, pharmacologic  industry that has filled grave yards and destroyed lives. In the 2020’s this medical-hospital-industrial complex was used to create the atrocities of the covid-genocide and extensive violations of human rights globally.

Here in under 10 minutes, Dr Glidden gives a great concise history lesson. This will help us remedy our situation, and not be lured into a similar trap in the future

John Rockefeller
Abraham Flexnor
Andrew Carnegie

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  1. Thank you muchly for exposing all the corruption that exists around the corona virus, the whole of the pharmaceutical industry and all governments worldwide.

  2. Yup – 30 years ago, in my Natural Health studies, we learned about the Flexner Report, and yet, still today whenever I mention it to most people they simply respond with a ‘ … oh that’s not true… … they couldn’t do that… … people would know about it… ‘ .. of course without any interest in actually learning about it –

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