Toxic Blood Transfusions and Baby Will

Spike protein contaminated blood is allowed; even for babies, despite infant death. Blood donations are accepted from people even immediately after receiving the experimental genetic covid injections.

This post contains corrections made shortly after it was posted.

People have been deceived and injected with a bioweapon. The genetic injections do not prevent covid, and rather cause massive death and disease; but they are still being pushed on the public.

Many countries blood banks, including Canada, accept covid spiked blood, and do not seperate  blood donations from natural donors, nor offer natural blood as an option for people wishing to remain covid-19 genetic injection free. So most or all blood transfusions contain blood from covid-19 injected donors and thus carry toxins including spike protein, mRNA, and pegylated nanoparticles. The spike protein is toxic to tissues throughout the body, especially blood vessels and hearts.

In New Zealand, currently ruled by Jacinda Ardern who is the WEF agent occupying their prime minister’s office, a court has ruled against one family’s rightful request that their baby receive clean blood, from natural healthy donors. Baby Will needs heart surgery. The parents want the surgery; but do not want their baby given toxic spike protein and mRNA nanoparticle laden blood. Real science robustly supports these parents decision.

Recently another New Zealand baby died with the covid-spiked blood in a similar situation.

The New Zealand courts have ruled against the parents, and ordered that the baby be taken from them, and placed in government custody. The court “granted” authority to the covid-agenda-compliant doctors to administer the toxic blood during the Baby Will’s would-have-been life saving heart surgery.

Here is a 5 minute report and call for help.

Baby Will to Be Taken From Parents, Forced "Vaccinated" Blood Transfusion for Surgery

Here is Glen Jung of Bright Light News’ interview with Dr Anne O’Reilly and Lawyer Sue Grey who are supporting Baby Will and his family.

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Here is an urgent update from baby Will's father in New Zealand:

This happened at around 23.00pm New Zealand time Thursday 8th December 2022. Baby Will has been kidnapped at almost midnight by four police with zero permission from the parents and while he was deeply asleep. He is being woken to have tests. He never wakes at night.

He is going to have a huge piece of surgery at 8 am after a broken night and so much stress and his mother, from whom he has never been separated, was not initially allowed to be with him.

She is being coerced into signing documents of full coercion – she is not even allowed anyone else including her husband in her room tonight while she agonizes through the long hours until 8 am – and she is frightened that she will be kept from her baby in the operation if she publishes anything about the brutality. They are trying to completely break her spirit.

She is simply desperate to be with her baby and to be in the operation, and still they are trying to silence her.