Line in the sand | Children, War, and Duty

Stopping the assault and killing of our children, and ourselves.

We are in a critical situation. Children are helpless and being injected with a deadly poison. We must stop this, and the perpetrators. Please allow me two minutes of your time.



Please do not let another child be poisoned, damaged, have their life shortened , or be killed. These fraudulently promoted, dangerous genetic injections alter human cell activity such that our own cells manufacture, en’mass, the most poisonous (and patented) element of the SARS C0V2 virus: the spike protein. In addition to directly poisoning many ACE2-receptor rich tissues and organs; this spike protein also causes mass immune system failure. It worsens coronavirus infections, poisons many organs including our brain, heart, reproductive organs. As bad as all that, it also causes a massive pseudo-autoimmune disease. The child’s  immune system attacks his or her own cells (even their immune cells). Their cells have been genetically hacked and are producing the foreign poison spike protein which marks these cells for attack by their own immune system.

UK data shows that Children are up to 100 times more likely to die within 8 months after one injection, than they would be without it.

This is not by mistake. This is a mass crime against humanity; mass murder and assault; founded on fraud, so there is no indemnity for the perpetrators.

You, like me, may not like war, nor want to live in it; but when someone else is killing us and our children, what else would we call it? Denial never works.

I’m calling on all of us including police, military, courts, militia, teachers, politicians, doctors, nurses, parents and all good people, to do our duty. Save the children. Save each other.