Children are dying after being injected

MDs, RNs, scientists, and activists keep sounding the alarm: Protect the children!

Quick Video

Here is a disturbing two minute video of child athletes collapsing and dying after being injected with Gates, Fauci, and big pharma’s bio-weapons.  

Injecting children is madness

Children have zero statistical risk of serious illness from covid. They do not transmit it to others. Children should be freed from all this covid madness, and never injected. Additionally, these injections are not safe, and they are not effective. 

The jabs are causing more death than all vaccines combined over the past 30 years combined. See the spike in vaccine deaths since these so-called vaccines” have been forced and coerced into people around the world. 

Covid Kid Facts

Canadian Physicians and Nurses have just organized this urgent resource to warn and educate parents:

It is twisted to see ethical Physicians and Nurses who speak out, either do so anonymously, or be persecuted by politicians, medical regulators, and other minions of the criminal covid enterprise. These same heartless puppets take the money and parrot the big lie: “The covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are safe and effective.” They should be brought to justice, while the ethical doctors and nurses who have spoken out and stood against this agenda, should be placed in control of health-care.

Conclusion and further due diligence

To gain a robust understanding of these viral genetic injections and the many ways they can harm and kill us, please set aside an hour at a good time soon to watch or read this documentary, Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous are They? Take back your rights, protect your kids, and help bring to justice the covid criminals who currently haunt our governments, institutions, and the dinosaur media.