Musical Inspiration | Protect the Children | Join the Team

Take Action Canada, and friends everywhere.

Here is an inspirational music video from “Five Times August” that reminds us of the love between us, of why we fight, and of the urgent need to passionately protect the children.

Let's not be spectators at this critical time in history

Thanks to my many friends in Take Action Canada for sharing this in our recent meeting, and for all the hard work of the Take Action Canada team to protect and inform Canadians, while working to return real health care and justice to our country.  

I hope this video warms your heart, and inspires your part, in saving the children and returning respect for human rights and the rule of law. Let’s not be spectators at this critical time in history. The work is great and the workers are few. Everything we have and love is on the line.

Join the David's team

Take Action CanadaPlease join David in the fight against Goliath. Join Take Action Canada, or a truth and freedom organization wherever you are. You’ll make noble friends, and have an active position on the right side of history. Everything is a stake; and everything is to be gained.

For our Canada-wide support line call: 1-800-936-9003

For our friends anywhere in the world, there is an organization right for you in your country. Here you can find the right World Council for Health member organization in your country.

We continue fully committed, and working to advance the truth and justice movement on many fronts, seen and unseen. Having sacrificed my income for one and one half years now, to commit fully to the critical truth and freedom movement, I need and appreciate your support

Thank You,

Mark Trozzi MD

Children should be freed and never covid injected. Here is a wealth of information regarding covid and children. Knowledge is power. Thanks for studying and sharing.