Bright Light News interviews Dr Robert Malone

"It's time to fight, or your children are going to live in a techno-fascism for the rest of their lives." - Dr Robert Malone MD

Thanks to Bright Light News for traveling to the truckers’ Freedom Convoy USA, connecting there with Dr Robert Malone, and sharing this excellent interview with us. There is a lot of clear and accurate information packed into this 18 minutes.

Dr Robert Malone with Bright Light News: "Vaccine" Science and Warnings; Exposing the WEF Infiltrates in Governments Around the World and Their Wicked Plans; Plus Advice for Surviving and Helping to Stop Them.

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Dr Robert Malone MD, MS is actually the inventor of mRNA and DNA “vaccination” technology. His dedicated opposition, to how this technology which he invented, is being used and imposed on humanity, speaks volumes to the destructiveness of the agenda.

Dr Malone shares scientific insights regarding Antibody Mediated Selection (See one and two) and how the “vaccines” are driving the evolution of coronaviruses (See one and two). He advises against booster injections; and stands against mandating injections especially in children.

Claims of any benefits such as transient protection against severe disease or death from these injections is “old data”, from earlier strains of the virus that more closely resembled the original Fauci/Wuhan virus; but the injections have driven the evolution of the spike protein. These injections have many risks and dangers, but zero benefits against omicron, in fact the data suggest they increase the risk of disease and death.

Dr Malone discusses the “Vaccine” Induced Acquired Immunity Syndrome ( VI-AIDS) underlying the plethora of latent DNA viral infections following the injections (Epstein Barr, infectious mononucleosis, shingles, herpes, and cytomegalovirus) and new, recurrent, and accelerated cancers. He also touches some of the other adverse effects of the forced injections including myocarditis, and the many manifestations of the injection induced blood clotting: strokes, heart attacks, DVT (deep venous thrombosis) and pulmonary emboli (deadly blood clots in the lungs).

Regarding why these dangerous injections are being imposed on humanity, Dr Malone shares his insights into the WEF, and their operatives in many countries including Jacinda Ardern of NZ, Justin Trudeau of Canada, Emmanual Macron of France, Angela Merkel of Germany, US Governors Gavin Newsom and Jay Inslee and many others. Their loyalty is not to their country or its constitution, but rather to this new WEF entity under Klaus Schwab, with its public-private partnerships (fascism) scheme.  

Dr Malone referred to the recent Ernst Wolff article “Uncovering the Corona Narrative” along with Malone’s introduction that explores the “layers of lies, one on top of another, which seem to require an amazingly coordinated and globally comprehensive control and shaping of information in the form of propaganda and censorship on a scale which was previously unimaginable.”

“Health care” is just a tool or excuse, to facilitate this agenda of abuse and domination over us all.

Regarding the impending collapse of the fiat currency system, Dr Malone describes how the financial brokers who have enslaved us economically since at least the early 1900’s, plan to use the current crisis, to impose digital id and digital banking that will put them back on top, and enslave humanity even more than before.

Regarding Ukraine, Dr Malone notes that Russian President Putin is also a WEF trainee. Though Putin knows and understands the WEF agenda, he rejects and is opposing it. He is working to take the greater Russia out of the WEF system.

When asked how we stop this unfolding WEF nightmare, Malone advises that we need to “out” these WEF operatives, and get them out of our governments and positions of power. He refers to a spreadsheet which identifies many WEF enemy operatives embedded in our systems. You can find this information here as well as within this article under the heading “Who are the Davis Elite? “

Malone encourages us to prepare for the impending “boundary event” (AKA “the collapse”); he urges us to prepare to survive hard times ahead.  

In closing , Dr Malone advises that we foster “integrity, dignity, and community”. We must rebuild our connections.