How Covid Jabs Harm Immune System & help new variants evolve


Innate and Adaptive immunity

Our bodies’ immune defenses can be divided into two systems. The innate immune system and the adaptive immune system.

In regards to respiratory infections such as corona viruses, there are innate antibodies and innate immune cells within the tissues lining our airways. The elements of the innate immune system fight and eliminate all sorts of infections right at the point of entry into the body. The innate immune system is innate and hence present and active at birth before any exposure to infection has occurred. When exposed to infection, the innate system is not only ready and effective, but it also adapts and becomes better for future infections. The innate immune system needs to encounter infections and gain experience to become more powerful. Natural exposure to infections, is essential for immune system health.

The innate immune system is your front line of defense. Up to 75% of covid-19 cases are asymptomatic; in these cases the innate immune system does the entire job of eliminating the infection and preventing disease.

When infection succeeds in getting beyond the innate immune system in the upper respiratory track, the adaptive immune system is engaged. The adaptive immune system creates antibodies to many different surface markers of the coronavirus or other infecting pathogens. These adaptive immune system elements bring in another wave of immune system defense at the site of infection. When the adaptive immune system is adapting to natural exposure, antibodies and other cellular defenses are created against many different aspects of the coronavirus (not just the spike protein).  By contrast, covid injection victims’ adaptive immune systems are triggered unnaturally to create antibodies only against the coronavirus spike proteins. These are the spike proteins that their own human cells create under the influence of the injected genetic manipulation. These artificial adaptive antibodies are sub-optimal in their role of neutralizing coronaviruses, and so they risk actually helping future coronavirus infections to cause more severe disease. This is Antibody Dependent Enhancement.

Also the injection induced adaptive antibodies are active  only against the coronavirus spike protein. This means that with a little genetic evolution of the virus in just its spike protein structure, it can circumvent these artificial antibodies. This is antibody mediated selection. The injection induced antibodies help the coronavirus evolve by allowing newer spike protein virus models to survival and thrive. This situation is amplified by the fact that the forced injections contain genetic instructions for last years spike protein, not the current variants such as the delta.

Contrast this injection induced disaster, to natural adaptive immunity. Natural adaptive immunity involves antibodies and cellular mechanisms targeting many aspects of the coronavirus. With natural adaptive immunity resulting from natural infection, the virus can not escape the immune system with just a little genetic variation of its spike protein. Natural acquired adaptive immunity is long lasting and effective against all variants of the SARS C0V2 virus.

About 80% of covid-19 infections are either asymptomatic or mild. In asymptomatic cases the infections were resolved completely by the innate immune system at the point of entry in the patients’ airways. In mild symptomatic cases, the adaptive immune system was naturally engaged and helped to eliminate the infection. In this process the innate immune system also “learns” and is even better prepared for future cornavirus encounters.        

Most of the other 20% of infections are moderate and resolve naturally. For them, the innate system functions and fights off much of the infection, while the adaptive immune system creates other antibodies and defenses to help fight the current and future infections.      

Less than 0.3% of covid-19 infections are fatal, with deaths generally occurring in extremely elderly or unhealthy people.   

On a relative scale these are not very scary statistics for an infectious disease, and covid-19 never really qualified for accurate traditional definitions of a “pandemic”.        

To further the case for natural infection and natural immunity, we must consider how over the past two years, scientists and clinicians have developed safe, affordable, and effective treatments, prevention and prophylaxis protocols for covid-19. These safe protocols reduce suffering and death by another 80% to 90%. Hence these safe treatments render an adjusted mortality rate of covid to around 0.045%, or about 1 in 2,220.   While benefiting from these safe treatments, patients still develop  excellent natural broad coronavirus immunity from which the virus can not easily evolve and escape. The patients are left immune for life.

For multiple reasons, the situation is not so benign for injection victims. For one, the antibodies generated have very narrow activity against only the spike protein, so the viruses are encouraged to evolve and escape their effect. Secondly, the antibodies generated are sub-optimal in their role to neutralize future viruses to which they bind, and so these antibodies can actually help the virus infect the host with increased severity of disease and death: this is “antibody dependent enhancement”; this is why prior animal studies showed the cornavirus “vaccines” caused dramatically increased death in the experimentally “vaccinated” animals, when they were later exposed to real infections.

Thirdly, though the injection induced spike protein antibodies are ineffective at stopping disease or transmission (they completely fail as a vaccine), they do have binding affinity for the virus spike protein that is higher than that of the antibodies of the innate immune system; as a result, these ineffective artificial antibodies bind to coronaviruses that are encountered and prevent the innate immune system from engaging the infection. This eliminates the first and most important line of defense, the innate immune system, from both fighting the infection and adapting  for future coronavirus exposures.

This reckless meddling with the immune system can render the injection victims increasingly vulnerable to coronaviruses, while providing reservoirs in which cornaviruses can thrive and evolve into potentially more dangerous variants. The coronavirus variants evolving within the injection victims , are particularly dangerous to the injection victims, because they have suppressed innate immunity, and narrowly active antibodies which can actually enhance rather than fight disease.    

This science is already manifesting in our observations from around the world. Their is increased disease, death, and viral loads associated with the mass application of these criminally administered, coerced, and misrepresented injections.

I would now like to share some excellent work by Dr Verkerk and Dr VandenBossche. These articles contain important deep insights into the immune system and the impacts of these dangerous injections. They are well worth a fresh coffee and focused study time in a quite space.

Recommended References


“As we have described in a previous article, when covid-19 ‘vaccines’ provide no benefits to children, when they erode their innate immune systems, and where there are significant known risks(e.g. myocarditis, pericarditis), what is the basis of coercive efforts to continue to vaccinate children?

But with additional known and unknown risks (see above), and more and more evidence that unvaccinated children may become a crucial immune reservoir that could help humanity emerge from the current pandemic (also above), the evidence would seem to point to a slam dunk for exercising the right of refusal, even for it’s a booster that’s on offer. For some of course, the decision may be complicated depending on how you value health and what cost you might apportion to being relegated, albeit probably temporarily, into a societal out-group ( It is worth noting, given the complexity of information around the risk and benefits of covid-19 ‘vaccination’ on a background landscape of rapidly changing naturally-acquired and covid-19 ‘vaccine’-induced immunity, there is barely a young soul on this planet that could have received properly informed consent prior to receiving their covid-19 jab. In law, that’s already criminal battery or assault.

Sadly, like the mainstream medical profession and its closely aligned pharmaceutical partners, the mainstream legal profession that is plugged deeply into the corporatocracy has a long way to go before it could be regarded as being transparent, honest or ethical.”

Here are a few important quotes from Dr Vanden Bossche’s paper:

 “countries which – thanks to mass vaccination – have prepared their populations to serve as an excellent breeding ground for more infectious variants will exhibit a high level of hospitality to Omicron and its peers.”

“Mass vaccination promotes viral resistance to C-19 vaccines. Viral resistance drives enhanced infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 (e.g., Omicron) and may ultimately enable SARS-CoV-2 to utilize alternative cell surface determinants to enter permissive cells.”

Dr Vanden Bossche’s concluding paragraph:

“It is undeniable that mass vaccination will only drive the virus to fully exploit its evolutionary capacity, including – if needed – its ability to use alternate receptor domains on permissive cells. The fitness cost that may come with such a dramatic mutation is likely to be rewarded with enhanced pathogenicity. I am truly afraid that these dynamics will eventually allow for the natural selection of individuals with uncompromised innate immunity while eliminating those without it. While such natural selection would lead to an eradication of SARS-CoV-2 as innate immunity sterilizes the virus and blocks transmission, the consequences would be unimaginable – the price paid for ending the pandemic by virus eradication is not comparable to the one paid for by generating herd immunity and allowing the virus to enter an endemic state. Those who are enforcing mass vaccination are opting for the former instead of the latter, an act that will be remembered as the deadliest sin ever.”