Dr Paul Alexander update | Guards, Science & Antifa with AKs

Dr Paul Alexander's personal update

Dr Alexander remains with the human rights promoting Freedom Convoy USA. There are threats against his life, but he remains faithful to truth, science, and people’s well-being. As well as frequent public speaking, Dr Alexander continues to be very prolific in his scientific writing. He  provides easy access to up to date covid science that can be found on his substack page: https://palexander.substack.com/

Dr Alexander recently rejected a one million dollar sign up and 50 thousand dollars monthly contract offer from Pfizer; a contract that would of shut him up. He has encountered increased violent threats including a AK47 bearing Antifa thug in Maryland. Dr Alexander now requires armed security to continue his very public, and unpayed service to mankind. For that reason he has reached out to myself and other allies in the covid truth movement requesting help to finance the protection of himself and family. We can help him financially by subscribing or donating on his substack page or contributing to his GIveSendGo fundraiser page.

Orwell reading 2022

We also have concerns of misguided authorities being used against the most valiant and  ethical truth tellers like Dr Alexander. Biden has decreed that telling the truth about anything to do with covid is an act of domestic terrorism.

Dr Paul Alexander's covid science update.

Dr Alexander recently published his report on the latest UK covid data. Highlights from Dr Alexander’s analysis for the 9th and 10th weeks of 2022 include:

All data supports our continued cry to stop these damn injections entirely.

90% of the people who required ER care or died from covid, were people who had been triple injected, having received their third or “booster” shot.

More shots yields more cases, sicker patients, and more death.

The data is also revealing decreasing infection rates with the mild omicron variant not only in the natural uninjected people, but the rates are also declining in the injection victims. Here is a strong theory of why that is. It has to do with the injections interference in the innate immune system, and how this negative effect of the injections, is decreased due to the evolution of the omicron’s spike protein.   

The virus has evolved its spike protein in response to the injections. Hence the artificial injection-induced antibodies have less binding capacity for the current omicron variant’s spike protein. This means that the artificial antibodies are losing one of their toxic effects, which is binding to the viral spike proteins so they can not be engaged by the innate immune system. This means that the evolved omicron variant, avoids the artificial antibodies, and this allows the innate immune system to do its job again, and destroy the omicron variant. Dr Alexander especially warns against taking any new so-called “vaccines” that big pharma may push next for omicron or any other variants that emerge. Such injections would once again interfere with the vital function of the innate immune system.

Week 10 COVID data UK, up to 6 March, shows continuing negative efficacy, with > 18 years showing higher infection; compared to week 9; key is the potent role of INNATE immune system

By Dr Paul Alexander, PHD
Dr Paul Alexander, PhD

We see negative efficacy again, and the role of original antigenic sin (I call it ‘mortal’ antigenic sin) and AMVE/ADE (antibody mediated viral enhancement).

Predominant finding: vaccinated persons and especially for the 3rd booster shot, comprise approx. 90% of ER and deaths, relative to the unvaccinated. Getting vaccinated is not only causing you to become infected, but increases risk of severe outcome (hospitalization and death).

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