How to Use the Law of Evidence to Prove Covid-19 Vaccines Cause Harm

17 scientists, doctors, lawyers and advocates share insights on proving that injections caused the damage in court.

How do we prove in criminal and civil courts that the forced and coerced covid injections cause the plethora of death and disease that follows them? Despite overwhelming statistics, injected athletes dropping dead on the pitch, ICU’s full of teenagers with inflamed hearts, paralyzed injected people , crescendoing cancer rates, the deaths of unborn babies of injected women , a 40% increase in death rates across all age groups, and so much more; Gates, Fauci, Tedros, Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazenica, J and J, and their many accomplices seem to grease the wheels of injustice with the abundant proceeds of their crime, and slip away. It is a David vs Goliath situation. I pontificated on this in more detail in our February 3rd post and announcement.

On February 6, 2022 the Legal Action Committee of the World Council for Health hosted a covid-experts international panel of doctors, lawyers, scientists and advocates. Each expert presented organized information regarding the subject of proving vaccine harm causation in both criminal and civil legal proceedings.

Here is the library of presentations from that conference. Please bookmark and share this page as a resource for lawyers, activists, and victims, who are involved in the struggle to restore our world, out of the grip of the covid criminals, and back under the rule of law and human rights.

Understanding "Vaccine" Causation Conference

Host and moderator 

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed WCH Legal Action Committee Chair


WCH Legal Action Committee Members and Conference Moderators

Michael Alexander. Causation in Law and Science. 

Dr Mark Trozzi. Thoughts on Causation in Science and Medicine.

Megha Verma. Effective Presentations Communicate Evidence Better. 

Charles Kovess. video pending and coming here soon.





Dr. Ryan Cole. Pathology: Proof is in the Blood.

Dr. EV Rapiti. A GP’s Perspective on Causation

Prof. Arne Burkhart. Emminent German Pathologist. Video pending and coming here soon.  Meanwhile

Dr. Shankara Chetty. Spike Protein Toxicity as Evidence of C19 Jab Related Harm

Science & Action:

Dr. Jessica Rose. VAERS: Key Ways to Prove C19 Jab Harm Causation

Dr. Rob Verkerk. Exploring the Continuum from Causation to Association.

Deanna McCleod. More Harm than Good: Attributing Vaccine Causation


Law & Rights

Adv. Sabelo Sibanda. Prove it! Jab Causation: Shutting Out Ordinary People.

Dr. Herman Edeling. Principles of Causation and Medico-Legal Reports.

Adv. Dipali Ojha.  video pending and comine here soon.


Data & Advocacy

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed – SA VAERS ( South Africa Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System).  This video is pending and coming here soon. Meanwhile, S.P. Mohamed presented SA VAERS to WCH GA Feb 7, 2022 here 

Ten Kuntz – Vaccine Choice Canada. Video pending and coming here soon.

Avital Livney – The Testimonies Project. Video pending and coming here soon.