Increased Death, Pfizer’s Fraud, and Big Pharma Collapsing

Financial Expert Eduard Dowd's Profound Insights and Predictions

"Wall street is waking up, figuring out that they have been poisoned, and they're pissed!"

Here are some key points from Dowd's interview:

Pfizer’s clinical trials are fraudulent. That alone should end the injections immediately. This fraud caused death, and maimed people. Fraud is a criminal offence; their is no indemnity for that, so they can run but they can’t hide.

VAERS, UK yellow card, DOD leak, life insurance and coronors data all show sharp rises in death rates across all age groups since the forced injections began. You can’t hide the bodies.

Since the coerced and forced injections began, life insurance claims indicate death rates are up approximately 40%, involving all ages, young and old. Dowd shares other data from insurance, stock markets, and the funeral industry all showing the same thing: more death since the strange injections began. Compare that with covid, which did not even cause a significant bump in all cause mortality rates.  

MSM ignores this but Wall Street is not: Moderna stocks are down 70%, Pfizer’s are down 19%.  Dowd predicted this fall weeks ago based largely on life insurance data showing dramatically increased death rates among all age groups since the force injection began. The death rates did not rise in 2020 when they declared the fake “pandemic”; rather they began a dramatic accelerated upward trend when the injections rolled out in 2021. US death’s accelerated further in August and September as Biden rolled out forced injection mandates. It appears to be a parabolic curve.

Dowd explains further how the diabolic central banks are deeply in the orgy bed of the criminal covid enterprise. They’re frauds of fiat currency, fractional reserve lending, and other deceptive practices , created and continues to exacerbate the debt bubble. This bubble inevitably must pop, bringing poverty and suffering for all of us. The Covid criminals are evil multi-taskers; so in addition to killing and sterilizing people, creating global tyrannical government, and squashing human rights, the covid operation also provides debt crisis cover up. They plan to blame the collapse of the economy that they caused, on viruses (or the “unvaccinated”), with them posing as saviors as they implement a “reset” that puts them back on top, and us further under their feet than ever. Most of us consider the future that they are working to impose on us, as a “slave colony” at best; totally unacceptable.   

Consider that the pensions can’t be payed. The social contract has been broken, though many people don’t know it yet. What is the covid criminals strategy? Dowd proposes that before the people figure it out, they need a system in place to control the riots, limit our travel, control bank accounts etc. These are the sort of things we already see being enacted in Canada, Austria, Australia, and to varying degrees all around the world under WEF and WHO operatives like Trudeau. They use the guise of medical tyranny. As the World Doctors Alliance pointed out in 2020: “covid is a sanitary excuse for a global dictatorship.”  

Looking to the immediate future, Dowd comments that Pfizer and the FDA have conspired. Here is hidden camera evidence from a FDA executive.

They’re caught; but all the regulatory agencies are corrupted and unlikely to act. The corruption is rooted deep in the central banks and governments. Dowd predicts though that the court of public opinion will turn the politicians against there corp sponsors. Then the political “rats” in government will turn and “rat out” on their corporate sponsors. They are in trouble and panicking. Their panicked moves include Biden’s DHS recently designating anyone who utters a thought contrary to their pro-forced-injection propaganda, as a “domestic terrorists”. They have nowhere to run, so they are tripling down. 

Dowd advises us that the awakening is accelerating, and that we will win; but it will get worse before it gets better. Be brave now.