Big Science and Law Collaboration on Saturday at 2pm EST

Medical and Legal Experts Collaborate. Proving Covid “vaccines” cause death and disease.

Introduction to this Event

For those of us who have done diligent research over the past two years, it is hard to believe that there is any debate about the forced injections: they are not safe and they are not effective. They have caused more death than all vaccines for all diseases combined have over thirty years combined.

However, big pharma and their cohorts have seemingly endless resources; especially considering the record profits they have made from their covid crimes and injections. They  have infiltrated governments and institutions. They own the dinosaur media that still has a large, albeit shrinking, audience.

Not all, but many judges believe the propaganda, and they protect their positions and nest-eggs by going along, unquestioning, with the global covid agenda. They do not realize that all will be lost including their nest-eggs, their freedom, and their own families’ futures if the agenda is not stopped.

Yes, there are ethical scientists, doctors, lawyers, real journalists and activists who  have committed everything to the truth and justice movement. However, many more so-called experts remain cowards and slaves to money; they are easily bought and/or intimidated into producing misinformation and supporting the agenda.

So for every honest ethical expert who tells the truth despite persecution and economic hardship, the criminal covid enterprise can produce five well payed “experts” to lie and deceive.

Their public brain-washing and  propaganda web is so extensive that the general population holds tight to fears and beliefs that have no support in scientific reality whatsoever.

The job of the courts is supposed to be deciphering what is true, applying the law equally to all, protect human rights and ensuring institutional integrity. However, the past  two years since the launch of covid-19  has demonstrated extreme flaws in the functions of the legal system.

How do we ensure that the courts act on real facts, real science, real data? Judges are generally not scientific experts. Between motivated truth tellers, and the well financed liars, courts  find themself looking at piles of studies and lists of experts that contradict each other. Honest experts while doing our best and enduring professional and economic oppression, are countered by well payed, corrupt but qualified experts who have sold out or drank the strange cool-aid.    

It is often said that the court of public opinion, has great influence on the decision of legal courts. With intense misinformation pumped out by the dinosaur media, the court of public opinion  often becomes another obstacle to the supremacy of truth in our legal system.  

So we find ourselves well equipped, with real knowledge, yet struggling to have judges and courts recognize and act on reality.

Even once reputable medical journals have been bought and payed. They suppress real science, while publishing junk science that supports the global covid agenda. These old journals, like many institutions, have lost their credibility.

So we face the challenge of not only discovering what is true, but giving such truth the weight it deserves to guide decision making in a functional legal system.

I am honored to be an active core member of the Legal Activism Committee of the World Council for Health. Our mission includes advancing the legal fronts, whereby science , law and activism come together to deliver justice, restore human rights, and direct humane public policy based on reality.

To that end we are holding a very important event: the inaugural Understanding Vaccine Causation Conference. This conference brings together legal practitioners, doctors, scientists, and advocacy groups. Science and legal experts are working together: our goal is to empower reality and end the deception in our courts and in our world.   

Please join us and share this invitation to this deep dive into Understanding “Vaccine” Causation. Saturday Nov 5th starting at 10 a.m. EST (Toronto).  { 3pm GMT. 5pm CAT.  8:30pm IST}

Check out the line up of participants! You will recognize  many top experts in the fields of  medicine, science, law, and advocacy. There is a better way, and we are creating it together!



Host and moderator: Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Presenters and moderators: Michael Alexander, Dr Mark Trozzi, Charles Kovess, Megha Verma.



Data & Advocacy

Science & Action

Law & Rights:

Dr. Ryan Cole

Shabnam Palesa Mohamed – SA VAERS

Dr. Jessica Rose

Adv. Sabelo Sibanda

Dr. EV Rapiti

Ten Kuntz – Vaccine Choice Canada

Dr. Rob Verkerk

Dr. Herman Edeling

Prof. Arne Burkhart

Avital Livney – The Testimonies Project

Deanna McCleod

Adv. Dipali Ojha

Dr. Shankara Chetty


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