Synergistic Bioweapons

Description Medicos Pela Vida Covid-19 from Brazil held an excellent World Congress featuring covid experts from five continents. Here is Dr Trozzi’s 24 minute presentation titled “Synergistic Bioweapon”. Here he presents strong evidence of how the original SARS CoV2 virus released in late 2019, and the ongoing forced injections work in synergy to damage human… Continue reading Synergistic Bioweapons

Dr Andrew Hill. $40 Million. 504,000 People Die

Dr. Tess Lawrie Discusses her Ivermectin Meta-Analysis, the FDA, and Dr. Andrew Hill Special thanks to TrialSiteNews for this interview with Tess Lawrie, and alexandrosm from Rumble for recovering this footage from internet archives and reuploading it, after it was censored by the fascist video platform – YouTube. University of Liverpool and Dr Andrew Hill… Continue reading Dr Andrew Hill. $40 Million. 504,000 People Die