Synergistic Bioweapons

Medicos Pela Vida Covid-19 from Brazil held an excellent World Congress featuring covid experts from five continents. Here is Dr Trozzi’s 24 minute presentation titled “Synergistic Bioweapon”. Here he presents strong evidence of how the original SARS CoV2 virus released in late 2019, and the ongoing forced injections work in synergy to damage human immune… Continue reading Synergistic Bioweapons

Do Not Submit. Unite!

Resist the bioweapon, survive medical apartheid, hunt the predators. A message from Dr. Trozzi Dear friends. We must unite. In Canada alone there are about eight million people including about four million adults, who have resisted the imposed bioweapon injections. In the world, there are six billion people who have so far not been violated… Continue reading Do Not Submit. Unite!

Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous are They?

A thorough investigation of the science behind the Covid “vaccines” used in the Western World. Introduction Relevant Prerequisite Publications by Dr. Trozzi This is NOT a vaccine đź”— In a preceding article and video, we have identified that the injections being promoted, and even forced on people, are not vaccines Doctors Nurses Ethics & Law… Continue reading Covid “Vaccines”; How Dangerous are They?

Ivermectin Works

Discussing a safe and suppressed antiviral treatment for Covid-19 History and Physiology Ivermectin has a great history as a medicine for parasites like worms, and it won a Nobel prize in 2015 for this virtue. Horse enthusiasts are familiar with Ivermectin, because they purchase it in farm supply stores and routinely administer it as an… Continue reading Ivermectin Works

Doctors Nurses Ethics & Law

Ethical and financial conflicts faced by doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals in the context of what many consider to be the “Criminal Covid Enterprise”. Doctors, Nurses, Ethics and Law Let us discuss the ethical and financial conflicts faced by doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals in the context of what I, like… Continue reading Doctors Nurses Ethics & Law

“Vaccine” Red Alert

Dr. Trozzi discusses alarming statements by Dr. Yeadon during his interview with James Delingpole Related Links Interview with Dr. Yeadon:

Masks Cause Harm

Occupational Respirator Expert Proves Masks Cause Harm Video by Chris Schaefer, with an introduction by Dr. Trozzi We hope you found the above video by Chris Schaefer enlightening. He clearly demonstrates how the current mask ill-practice is hazardous to the mindfulness and health of the people. Why then are such poor, dangerous, and ineffective practices… Continue reading Masks Cause Harm

How is this a pandemic?

Dr. Trozzi explores Canadian death certificates, and discusses how Covid-19 is regarded as a pandemic Canada: How Is This A Pandemic? If you have been researching the Wuhan Virus and the global geopolitical situation, you have likely come across independent journalists from around the world, who have looked at many countries’ annual death statitstics, and… Continue reading How is this a pandemic?

Hydroxychloroquine and Covid-19

How does Hydroxychloroquine help Zinc suppress coronaviruses? Coronavirus replication within our cells involves a critical step of replicating its genetic code. This requires an enzyme called “replicase”. It is also called “RNA-dependent RNA polymerase”.  The replicase enzyme is inhibited by zinc; this explains the commonly known antiviral properties of zinc. However, regardless of how much… Continue reading Hydroxychloroquine and Covid-19

Polymerase Chain Reaction