Dr. Mark Trozzi

Data and graphs are important, but they don’t relay the reality, of dead children and mourning families.

Thanks to We The Patriots USA for this excellent documentary. This is a very tasteful combination of stories told by courageous mourning parents, and experts explaining what is happening. This includes Dr Peter McCullough, Dr James Thorpe, Edward Dowd, and others.    As we continue to fight against the criminal covid enterprise, none of our losses compare to the death of children and the pain and loss of their parents.

Film Produced and Directed by Teryn Gregson. Filmed and Edited by Jason and Avery Kabrich of Not Sheep Media.  

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  1. As a mum of an 11 years old boy, living in Ottawa, when the school boards where pushing thllfor the propaganda, the narrative of a safe and effective ” vaccination” offered on the school ground, I really started to fear for my kid’s life and ours, as his parents speaking out against the experimental shots. It took 2 years but we succeeded in leaving Canada, we sold everything, lost a lot (financially and emotionaly) but I feeli like we had to do it. Canada has become a pro death country, destroying faith, family unity , strong communities based on common values, education, children innocence, promoting experimental bioweapons, legalizing drugs, extending euthanasia to such levels it feels unreal, pushing hormone blockers and surgeries to young disturbed teenagers becoming the ones sacrificed in the name of the Woke ideology.
    We are living in a world where heroes such as Dr Trozzi, Dr MacCullough, Dr Raoul and many more are censored and humilated when criminals working for and with the BigLabs are promoted to the head of dangerous foundations, building up the fondations of dark ages to come.
    Unless we fight wherever we are in the World since this is global and there is no safe place anymore, not even under the Sun…

  2. Everyone should get together and sue the government the right way. There is no virus, period. The government and many doctors lied to all of us.
    The only way to stop this is with a simple claim, show me the purified and isolated virus.
    After all, they said it can be on your hand, on a bus, on money everywhere, so it is easy to isolate it right?

  3. I am horrified that members of CPSO do not acknowledge or have not paid attention to the monstrous effects of the Covid vaccine.
    The CPSO as an organization is supposed to hold dear and protect the health of Canadians. It feels like members of this organization have all received huge financial incentives- possibly from the Pharmaceuticals- to adhere to the much maligned “Party Line”. How can we trust the CPSO in the future! I never will. It is. extremely painful to say this, but I have come to believe you are a corrupt, criminal organization, that has been bought out by Big Pharma. You have sold Canadians down the river, seemingly without the slightest concern for the millions of Canadians who have suffered heart issues, “turbo cancers”, destroyed immune systems, and countless others. Are you not. aware of the dozens. of young children who are having heart attacks- it is happening now, as we speak! Are you all that blind, and that unaware. Heaven help all of you. You should be ashamed!

    Please remember the tenants of Karma. Your deeds will be exposed, and so will your organization, for corruption and incompetence.

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