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Cutting Off Snake Heads in Geneva

"Everything evil in the world related to democide comes from Geneva: the WHO, GAVI, and the WEF." - Pascal Najadi. Five profound minutes.

Pascal Najadi is a retired Swiss Investment banker, film maker, and author. His father Hussain Najadi was an international banker who cofounded the WEF but left in disgust. Hussain also exposed corruption in Malaysia and was assassinated as a result. To survive, Pascal left Malaysia to Switzerland where he has lived and worked since.

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger PD PhD is a scientist, researcher and teachers at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva and Lausanne. She has extensive history working within the UN and the WHO. She is a highly credible whistle blower who continues to stand firmly against the covid crimes against humanity.  

In this 5 minute video they clearly identify the crimes against humanity that have been committed, and they lead in action to cut off the snake heads in Geneva. If we are to survive and be free, we must extract the also long bodies of these snakes that infiltrate governments and institutions everywhere.

Documentary: Cutting off the Head of the Snake in Geneva

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  1. Why is there not any movement towards a Nuremberg 2? The ICC, International Crimes Court investigates and prosecutes many cases of genocide, corruption…. Around the world. They have the investigators, the lawyers, the military support to get this done. All the conferences in the world are just repeating what we already know. Billions of people have been poisoned by these shots and NO one has been held accountable. They will continue their campaign of depopulation until they are convicted and sentenced. Here in Canada they are still actively pushing these lethal injections, many if the sheeple continue to line up for more.

  2. Daily I read about the truth yet the reality I am experiencing does not reflect the truth. Governments are still pushing boosters, people are wearing masks and millions are injured and dying. There have been zero serious charges or arrests we are not succeeding in destroying the evil that is among us.

  3. Big change is coming we will defeat evil and be in harmony with this planet no more wars no more slavery hunger which is now it will be are dark past there will be love and peace and we will enjoy the fruits of this precious planet.Its are future of advancement the time is near.

  4. we must get these criminals out of any system where they have any control over people’s lives
    medical choices, war decisions, the people never want to go to war, it’s the leaders who push to convince us if we don’t we will be invaded, its a lie ,we don’t want war and we want the say of what goes in our body

  5. He did not mentioned BIS located in Basel, established by American bankers. And it is well known who has been pulling the strings of American banks.

  6. Thanks for contributing to the truth to come out in this age of darkness! The light always prevails. Hopefully it will happens sooner rather than later! 🙂

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