The Entire UN is Corrupt

It is not just the WHO, but the entire UN that is completely corrupted and serving the oligarchs of the WEF, to rob and enslave humanity.

Dr Reinner Fuelmich in conversation with former high ranking UN official Calin Georgescu

The United Nations was formed following the second world war, as an intergovernmental organization to maintain international peace and security.

The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations intended to be responsible for international public health.

We have previously demonstrated that the WHO has become a criminal organization, used by the global oligarchs of the WEF, as a conduit to impose their agendas and abuse on all peoples of all nations. In reality, the entire United Nations has become similarly corrupted. The United Nations is a weapon gathering taxes from us all, and imposing the oligarchs agenda of abuse and greed on the world.

Here is an enlightening conversation between Dr Reinner Fulemich and Calin Georgescu. Georgescu is an environmental scientist who spent almost 18 years as a high ranking official with the United Nations. Georgescu is blowing the whistle on the absolute corruption of the UN, and how it has become a weapon of the oligarchs to enslave mankind.

Georgescu explains that we all need to say “no”, and stand in opposition to the UN and WEF.    He also shares his vision for us to overthrow the oligarchs and create a beautiful future for mankind and planet Earth.

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