Dr. Mark Trozzi

Dr David Martin explains why we must destroy the WHO

The covid crimes against humanity were planned and executed by the WHO and their accomplices. Thursday, Dr David Martin delivered this fast paced accurate testimony. He included evidence from 1913, through to the recent years and the execution of covid-19. Covid-19 is a criminal act, done by a criminal institution, which was established to enable criminal behaviour, since its foundation in 1947. These accusations are strong, but the evidence is overwhelming and unequivocal. If we are to have any hope of a free and healthy future, we must destroy the WHO and prosecute all the perpetrators. Justice is the cure.

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  1. Sept 17, 2023

    I just reviewed the very comprehensive.
    detail from the extensive amount from Dr.
    Mark Trozzi and others who have made.
    comments and my recent wife, Sue
    Makepeace has also reinforced recent studies
    on this Covid 19 issues. My four years of
    international travel dealing with various.
    medical issues with the USAF locations that I
    served in Karamusel and Istanbul, Turkey
    were huge building blocks for me for my
    onward “Growth’ for my current successful
    international business servicing our Domestic
    and international customers in most of the
    continents (i.e., USA, Canada, Australia, New
    Zealand, Turkey, etc.
    Pakistan, all of Latin and South America.
    Latin America, Western and some of the
    Eastern European countries.

    To this day (Sept. 17, 2023), my staff and
    family are dedicated to this same critical.
    approach for the betterment of the World!
    Dennis Makepeace- President

    Advise me if you have questions on my input.

  2. The transcript of Dr. David Martin’s urgent, powerful (warning) presentation must become published widely for the purpose of making his (paramount importance) message available to every man, woman and child on Earth, – in the process guaranteeing a worldwide total awareness of the horrifying criminal truth.

    Humanity must fully grasp the precise reasons for now choosing to engage as warriors of light in (clearly) the greatest spiritual battle of all time.

  3. (Sing to the hymn “What a Friend,” music by Charles Crozat Converse, 1868.

    1. What a hero is David Martin
    He wears his bowtie everywhere
    He’s made some straight-out accusations
    That most Americans wouldn’t dare.

    Oh, how slow we were to notice
    That cruelty comes from the very top
    Now David has made his blast in Europe.
    Our job is to make the demons stop.

    2. Have we sickness in our government?
    Yes, with many layers of blame
    Too bad we pointed at each other
    Instead of boldly naming names.

    The demons are getting very nervous
    Act fast — they may be planning worse
    Luckily the power of humanity
    Can help us end this crazy curse.

    3. Righteousness will come abounding
    Amazing strength I think you’ll find.
    Come on, it’ll take a lot of sacrifice
    Have faith, pitch in, to save mankind.

    Have faith, pitch in, and save mankind.


  4. MURDER OF MULTITUDES: Covid And Climate Chronicles – The Big Cull

    Allan Malcolm MacRae on Amazon – $10 for e-copy


    My main objective since Feb2020 has been to save lives – I foresaw this horrific future way back then, and tried to save millions, and failed. Nobody listened!

    But the 38 million Covid-19 vax-kill is just the start – the Big Cull is far from over and may be accelerating. Simple treatment of the vaxed will save many millions of lives, and help many more vax-injured.

    I’ve tried to enlist DeSantis in Florida and Smith in Alberta to treat the vaxed, but no success to date. Both are probably trapped in the Overton Window. It takes intellect and courage to break out of that trap. Uncommon virtues…

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