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Fauci | Red Alert America

People need to know just how wicked and guilty Anthony Fauci is. Please share and repost. (1 minute) This is a red alert to the American police, military, militia, and everyone else whose duty it is to defend the people.

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Dr. Zelenko on Biden, Fauci and Gates

In this 6 minute snippet, Dr. Zelenko shares his thoughts on president-select Joe Biden, including who pulls his puppet strings. He goes on to discuss Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Bill Gates. This snippet is from the full 1 hour 40

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Wins of the Week EP11 with Ted Kuntz

Judges making sane decisions, nurses reinstated, covid truth dominating, students winning lawsuits, drug companies facing justice, Fauci’s forked tongue, a free movie, and more.

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