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Dr Trozzi with Gary Null | Death by Medicine… Again

Separating fiction from truth: Dr Mark Trozzi with Gary Null on the Progressive Commentary Hour, USA

Here is a great audio file that I hope you will enjoy during your drive or other activities.

Gary Null is a remarkable person! He is a highly decorated athlete and a natural health scientist who has made many major discoveries. At 79 years old Gary is still setting records in long distance running. He is a prolific documentary film maker and a very popular American radio talk show host. What a pleasure it was to be his guest on The Progressive Commentary Hour heard across the USA on August 15th 2023. We shared a very coherent discussion regarding the dangerous covid-19 genetic injections including up to date insights regarding transfection of RNA, the discovery and implications of large quantities of DNA in the injections, turbo cancers and more.

The Progressive Commentary Hour with Gary Null and Canadian guest physician Dr Mark Trozzi 8.15.23

Death By Medicine- A Gary Null Production. If you have not already discovered Gary Null. Here is an introduction to his library of high quality documentaries.

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Global cancer rates exploding post “vaccines” & being covered up. Dr Mark Trozzi. April 6, 2022. Doctors and scientists on all continents are reporting the same thing. An explosion of new and recurring cancers post covid injections.

Dr. Ryan Cole | How the Covid “Vaccines” Cause Cancer. April 27, 2022. The world class pathologist and pioneer of Covid science explains how the injections are causing cancer; plus he supports WCH calls to end the WHO  

Science for Hire – Full Movie. Thanks to Producer Gary Null for this excellent documentary. It exposes the profound corruption and villains of the scientific, pharmaceutic, food, and military industries.

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  1. Dear Dr Mark Trozzi,
    Please copy and paste and email this to yourself and watch. Dr Bryan Ardis’ “Watch the Water” Pt 2 venom based cov-rid shots explained.
    Thank-you for everything.

  2. I was so intrigued by this film. I understand that I am healthy because I refuse to take the standard protocol of illness care promoted by the dubious practices of a medical system that promotes harm. Thank you. Dr. Trozzi I admire your tenacity and work.
    Knowledge is power! Praying for you

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