Dr Peter McCullough Enters Canada’s Fight

Following his July 12th testimony in the CPSO versus Trozzi spectacle, Dr McCullough spoke with Derek Sloan, Attorney Michael Alexander, and Dr Mark Trozzi.

Following his July 12th testimony in the CPSO versus Trozzi spectacle, Dr McCullough spoke with Derek Sloan, Attorney Michael Alexander, and Dr Mark Trozzi

Dr. Peter McCullough comments on Testimony for Dr. Mark Trozzi’s Disciplinary Hearing.

Last week on July 12th 2023, Dr Peter McCullough testified in the CPSO versus Trozzi “hearing”. The CPSO is unlawfully working to revoke my license to provide ethical medical care to the people of my province. They have done this and are doing this to all the good physicians who maintained our oaths and stood against the covid agenda, and warned of the dangers of the toxic misrepresented experimental covid-19 genetic injections. In their current hearings against me, the CPSO use underhanded tactics to suppress science, deny the injection carnage, and gas light the public.

Dr McCullough’s attendance in these hearing was monumental. He is one of the most qualified covid-19 medical experts in the world. Despite that, the CPSO lawyers worked hard in an effort to “disqualify” him from speaking. They badgered and abused him, with a complete lack of courtesy or respect. The CPSO judgement panel tolerated the abuse of the witness and over-ruled many objections raised by Michael Alexander JD. However, Dr McCullough was not dismayed by their arrogance; he is extremely knowledgeable and articulate regarding the realities of covid and the injections.  

Derek Sloan was a sitting conservative member of parliament when covid was launched. In 2020. He asked the tough questions that needed to be discussed to protect Canadians, our health and our rights. For that, he was kicked out of the conservative party, yet another division of  the hostile foreign entity: The World Economic Forum that infests our governments and institutions. However, Derek continues standing up for Canadians’ health, freedom and rights. He is a very important supporter of the fight for Canada. This battle for Canada’s health and future, against the CPSO, could not happen without he and his audience’s generous support of the legal costs.

Shortly after Dr McCullough’s testimony was complete, the above interview was recorded by the truly honorable Derek Sloan, with Dr Peter McCullough, constitutional lawyer Michael Alexander and myself, Dr Mark Trozzi.

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There are no recordings available of Dr McCullough’s testimony, the CPSO vs Trozzi spectacle, or any of the CPSO’s unlawful prosecutions of good doctors who maintained their ethics and oaths throughout the covid affair. In the suppression of transparency, the CPSO threatens $25,000.00 fines against anyone who records the events or shares them.