Dr Peter McCullough On Fire

Dr Peter McCullough one of his most energized and diverse speeches ever.

One of Dr McCullough's most energized and diverse speeches ever

I am honored to have Dr Peter McCullough among my friends. He has been a consistent pillar in our fight for truth and freedom, a meticulous scientist, and a pioneer of covid treatment. He’s passed the trial by fire while warning the world about the “vaccines” and standing against the criminal covid agenda regardless of unlawful persecution, financial loss, and slander against him.

Here is a recent high energy speech by Dr McCullough, which is excellent. He shares critical insights and advice on various subjects including: the corona virus; the “vaccines” and the crimes;  autism and its relationship to gender dysphoria and vulnerability to “gender reassignment” programs; the sexualization of children; a plague of immorality; our needed resurrection of common sense; and trusting our instincts to stand against lies and destructive mental programming.  

Dr McCullough also shares recent real world data analysis showing covid injection victims’ outcomes divided into three categories. Approximately 1/3 have no side effects, 2/3 had some side effects, and 4.2% of the doses administered were high risk injections batches that caused severe injuries and death. Dr McCullough has good news for many deceived and coerced people who were injected. He credibly predicts optimistic outcomes ahead for people that survived the injections so far. I hope he is right.

Dr McCullough testimony to the Canadian National Citizens Inquiry exposing the unprecedented dangers of the covid "vaccines". They are not safe or effective.

Here is another excellent new item from Dr McCullough, and his recent interview on America Thought Leaders. There is no real evidence that the so-called covid “vaccines” do any good for reducing covid. Its all a big fraud!