Hope – Andrew Bridgen MP

"Keep the Faith, we'll get the win win" - Andrew Bridgen

Something Has "Seriously Gone Wrong With Our Democracy". Canadians: "Keep the Faith, we're going to win"

I had the pleasure of meeting with Andrew Bridgen, and recording this short message to Canadians, before taking in his profound words from the stage of the World Council for Health Better Way Conference on June 2nd 2023 in Bath UK.

Andrew Brigden to Canadians : "Keep The Faith. We're Going To Win"

Andrew Bridgen: Something Has "Seriously Gone Wrong With Our Democracy"

Andrew Bridgen: “We’re here to talk about freedom and democracy. Freedom is defined as being a situation where you’re not imprisoned or enslaved, you’re free. Democracy comes from the Greek; dêmos, which means that ‘the people,’ and krátos, which means ‘powers.’ It’s the power of the people. I think what we need to remember as members of Parliament is that we are the servants of the people, we’re not your masters. I think that’s been lost by a lot of my colleagues. Winston Churchill said that democracy is the worst way of governing, but it’s better than all the alternatives we’ve looked at. And historically, democracies have fared rather better in the world, with higher economic growth, better living standards, happier and freer people.”

“We can’t talk about vaccine harms, Can’t talk about the pandemic response and the damage it did. We can’t even talk about the origins of where the virus came from so we could hold them criminally to account to stop the next pandemic. We certainly can’t talk about excess deaths. I’ve been asking for a debate on excess deaths for six months. When I go down to the Labour end of the Tea Room and say, look, sign this form, we can have a debate on excess deaths, and you can stand up in that chamber of the House of Commons and say ‘it’s those damn Tories! They have ruined the NHS. That’s why everyone’s dying.’ When the Labour MPs turn around to me and say, ‘no, we don’t want to talk about that subject,’—I know there’s something seriously gone wrong with our democracy.”

The entire Better Way Conference was epic!

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