Dr Jordan Peterson’s Invitation to the Future

While the WEF conspires to enslave mankind and steal the planet's wealth, Jordan Peterson and others are creating the antithesis.

Two of the greatest plagues on the earth are the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum. Both seek to centralize global power into the hands of a few.

The World Health Organization is a corrupted agency of the UN, which the WEF and others use as a conduit to impose a global dictatorship over the world in the name of “health”.

For good reason, I devote much of my energy to the World Council for Health. In complete contrast to the WHO, the World Council for Health seeks to empower individuals, uphold human rights, and facilitate international cooperation and sharing of health knowledge. While the WHO seeks to centralize control and dictate “health” policies to the world, we insist on every honorable person’s authority over their own body, and we empower people to optimize their health.

The World Economic Forum is comprised of ~3000 wealthy oligarchs who conspire to usurp our would-be-democratic governments, steal the planet’s wealth, and enslave us all.

I am very pleased to learn that famous Canadian intellectual, Dr Jordan Peterson is working with others to create an antithesis to the WEF: a consortium for an abundant, healthy, and free future for all people. The first large international meeting will be held in London England on October 31st through November 2nd , 2023 to begin the process.

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