Informed Refusal | Dr Shoemaker with Dr Trozzi | P2

We save lives by warning people. All people have the right to be truly informed, and to refuse these injections

Here is the second part of the three part interview with Drs Shoemaker and Trozzi recorded on November 2, 2022.

In this 20 minute video, Dr Shoemaker and I review some of the unprecedented statistic of the covid “kill shots” including ~ 100 times increase risk of death in the months following one injection for children 10- 14 years old.

While the CPSO and other accomplices continuing insisting that the misrepresented injections are “safe and effective”; we share, in plain English, information that everyone needs in order to be truly “informed”, so they can legitimately consent or refuse.

Please share this post also with medical doctors, to whom we say “do your homework, know the facts, and follow the Hippocratic oath“.

Medical doctors in bureaucratic roles are called out for their roles orchestrating and enforcing  the assault and killing.

The statistics, autopsies, microscopy and pathophysiology from these genetic injections, show that they are the ” most cruel hoax ever played on humanity.”

The covid injections do no good; they only cause disease and death. The people who designed this bio-weapon think it is beautiful, because it is doing what they intended it to do. You have a right to informed refusal.

This is how we save lives now, we warn youTake back your shoulders. You have the right to be informed, and to refuse.

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