Meet Dr Jeff Matheson, with Maryann Gebauer

Honest , smart , interesting, and down-to-earth Ontario physician

I have the pleasure of knowing Dr Matheson. I greatly enjoy his intelligence, humility, and straight forward comunication style. He is an unspiked, honest, Nuremberg-compliant physician whose critical thinking, self respect and free speech are all intact. I think you will enjoy this 16 minute Dr Matheson interview with Maryann Gebauer.

Like many ethical doctors during the covid era, Dr Matheson is under attack by compromised medical regulators (see one and two), and meat puppets in the dinosaur media. Here’s a hit piece by the tax payer funded propagandists at the National Post:

Here some insight into the National Post:

Thanks to Maryann Gebauer for this great interview with Dr Matheson. You can find more of her great work here: