Ontario Protest Against the CPSO | Toronto

Photos, video, and speakers from Friday's June 24th protest against the CPSO: Ontario's medical regulatory body gone wrong.

On Friday, June 24th 2022, Canadians protested against provincial Colleges of Surgeons and Physicians across the country. These colleges have abused their authority, blocked life saving treatment of patients with covid, muzzled doctors, persecuted doctors who refuse to be muzzled, and been a heavy hand in the criminal coercion of the entire population into the most deadly injection campaign in history. (See, one, two, and three)

Here’s images and video from the protest against the CPSO at 80 College St in Toronto. Hundreds of truth and freedom lovers attended.  

Speakers at the protest against the CPSO

Thank you Bright Light News for covering this event.


1. Jody Ledgerwood

2. Dallas Fillion (founder of Silenced Survivors and mom of teen injured)

3. Katherine (Kat) Letsios (vac injured)

4. Dan Frieheit (llb)

5. Dallas Fillion (mom of injured teen & founder of Silenced Survivors)

6. Glen Chan (vax injured)

7. Dr Crystal Luchkiw

8. Michael Alexander (llb) Constitutional lawer defending ethical MD’s

9. Diane Spalding (vax injured)

10. Dr Emad Guirguis

11. Dr Mary O’Connor

12. Andrew Mondea (take action canada volunteer)

13. Monique McKay (Journalist)

14. Dr Roman (retired)

15. Mark Childerson (take action volunteer)

16. Scarlet Martyn (paramedic fired for unvax status)

17. Maxime Daigle (founder of CAERS)

18. Judy Stinson (Cdn Covid Care Alliance)

19. Liam Sturgis (Cdn Covid Care Alliance)

We do not submit to the covid tyranny. We unite. Thank you for studying, sharing, taking action, and supporting our mission. We need and appreciate you.